Sunday, September 7, 2008

Miss Independent

Evie is full-fledged, charge-ahead, get-out-of-my-way, walking!! And to boot she has been showing her independence by refusing to hold our fingers anymore. *Tear* There was a time when holding fingers and walking was all she wanted to do. Not anymore. Get out of my way she says!!!

Here is her favorites from her 12th month:

1. Blueberries: Frozen organic. She can't eat them fast enough. Unfortunately for her, I only give them to her once in awhile, otherwise, I have to strip her down and then giver her a bath. She gets blueberry juice all over her face, arms, and chest. We receive blueberries for bath night. Though she does get a does in her rice cereal every morning.

2. Walking. Enough said.

3. Oliver. She has taken a special liking to pulling on the cat's tail, roughly "petting" him, and chasing him. He tolerates it better then an adult or child would.

4. Cupboards: Until the weekend of her birthday when we FINALLY installed cupboard locks, Evie's favorite activity including pulling food, pans, play-dough, and anything else she could find out of the cupboards. Now she has to be content with pans. She has a lot of fun pulling all my good placemats, napkins, and napkin holders from their drawers.

5. Laundry: I am not sure what the fascination there is BUT she loves to pull clothes (dirty or clean) from the laundry baskets. Or if they are in a pile on the floor moves them around a bunch. Once again showing us that small things can bring pleasure.

6. Books: She especially likes the hard ones for infants/toddlers. She sits and turns pages. Then she "reads" out loud the story for us. She is quite the narrator.

7. Sippy cup and pacifier: If all else fails to soothe these are the fall back. Nothing makes her feel better then her pacifier or sippy.

8. Mornings: Ugh, she is the ultimate early bird. Gets up between 6:30-7:30 am and always with the brightest smile and the happiest greetings. And it's the time of day when she eats her favorite meal: egg yolks and blueberry rice cereal. Yum!

9. Hugs, cuddles, and smiles: She is the best cuddlier and hugger. Nothing can brighten my day more then a little bit of that sunshine. She is such a happy little girl. Even strangers comment on how smiley she is and how happy she is. Guess those first three exhausting but worthwhile months paid off. She is now one of the happiest little ones I know. Our blessing.

10. Whining: It's her only way of communicating but it has to be one of the most annoying sounds in the world. I would have thought a 15 year old girl whining would be more annoying but not anymore. At least then you know what they are whining about. Now its a guessing game.

11. Toy train: She loves to "dance" to the music it plays and pull all the balls out. Then she tips it over and watches the wheels spin.

12. Armpit tickles: It is the one spot that tickles the most. It always makes her laugh like crazy.

13. New sights: She has always been a watcher. She is facsicated by people, animals, pretty much anything that moves. Sometimes our little talker doesn't even utter a sound in all her watching.

And her dislikes:

1. Not getting her own way.
2. Surround sound, vacuum and any other loud noises: She's developed a small fear of loud noises. It can make getting work down a little more challenging.
3. Being thwarted: Could anything be worse.
4. The word NO: It always leads to us taking away a "toy" or pulling her from something "fun."

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