Thursday, December 4, 2008

Has this ever happened to you?

Have you ever had this problem??

It happens to her all the time! No matter what pants we put on her, sooner or later she has a "plumber's crack" or this happens. The poor thing can't walk, she just hobbles around with her pants around her ankles. Many people would think, "does she get enough to eat?" The answer is yes. She eats like a horse, and then snitches food from us when she's done. Yet none of her pants fit. It is certainly a problem I wish I could have. Eat plenty but still be too thin for your pants!

Winter has finally "arrived." I use the quotations because for me winter doesn't start until there is snow on the ground that stays around longer then a day. I hate cold weather without snow. Of course, I hate winter period. Everyone figures that because I'm originally from Northern MN I should love winter and not feel the cold at all. I hear comments about it all the time. "You're from Northern MN..." they say. Well, the way my system adapts to the cold I should've been born in Texas. In the winter I am cold ALL the time. I wear three layers most of the time. I have to warn patients because my hands are freezing. I even had my thyroid checked because I was hoping that that was what was wrong with me. Turns out I'm just not suited for cold weather. When I was pregnant during the summer I would get all sorts of pitying looks and comments about how "uncomfortable" and "miserable" it must be for me. But do you know what? I loved it! It was the first time I could wear short sleeves in the summer inside. Normally, I would wear sweaters, sweatshirts and long-sleeves even in the summer. I was freezing in the air conditioning. Being pregnant made me comfortable. I'm odd that way. What can I say I have a VERY warm heart;o)

What I do like about winter:
1. Warm sweaters
2. Hot cocoa
3. Thick blankets
4. Hot soup
5. Christmas
6. My anniversary
7. New episodes of shows
8. Christmas movies/music
9. An excuse to stay indoors
10. Cuddling
11. Christmas cards/letters/pictures
12. An excuse to shop
13. Candy canes except mint
14. The Nativity and
15. Scrapbooking especially warm topics

Do you love or hate winter?? Me, a bit of a hater. Thankfully its not the longest season of the year which is actually summer...despite how it feels.

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Anonymous said...

I'm a winter lover! We took Yogi for a walk last night when it was 10 degrees!

Or maybe we are just crazy!

See you soon ...

love, sara