Friday, November 5, 2010

Happy (Belated) Halloween!!

Halloween is officially the triplets (and Evie's in 2007) first holiday. It's pretty boring as a first holiday goes, at least for babies! We put them in their Halloween onsies (we don't do baby costumes-too expensive-and annoying for them!) and got pictures. That's the extent of their celebration.

For Evie we hired a babysitter and took her to a local church for the second year in a row for trick-or-treating (out of the trunk's of parishioners cars) and some fun activities. This year she went as a fairy technically Tinker Belle. She had a delightful time and is enjoying the fruits of our labor (what I mean is that she held the bag and I said "trick-or-treat!" Here are a few picture highlights:

And our "date" with Evie:

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Anonymous said...

CUTE! Still want a copy of the four of them!!!