Sunday, November 28, 2010

4 months

To see how much they've grown, scroll down to their first picture with me at 5 days old.

I know, can you believe it? Shawn was telling me yesterday that the days in the NICU seem like a dream. For me it's still a very vivid memory. But any "problems" that put them in there are long gone. Grant has a set of VERY healthy lungs as evident to the anpa's and anma's that witnessed his angry hungry/tired cries. Henry DEFINITELY has no problems eating or gaining weight, see pictures below. And Ella ruddy cheeks are a testament to her ability to stay WARM. Their days are pretty scheduled as much as I being a non-scheduled person can handle. They eat every 3 hours still, except are now up to 5 oz and sleep about 1-2 hours after eating with a long nap in the afternoon. The last meal of the day is at 7:30-8pm and then it's bedtime. They usually get up once a night still and then up for the day around 6:30a when daddy is getting up for work. They've had a few firsts this month including their first trip and first time in another state (even if it's just Iowa) for their first Thanksgiving. Here's what's new with each of my little ones.


Ella LOVES eating. She can be counted on to guzzle her 5oz and then be a happy little girl. She prefers her naps in the swing with the music playing. She would love a paci once in awhile but besides a few times a day when we are trying to stretch feedings or sleeps out she doesn't get one. She's never mastered keeping it in her mouth, though she does enjoy sucking on her hands. Lately we've noticed she loves to be under the play mat batting/talking at the purple hippo. She is also such a big kicker. She gets so excited and kicks and squeals. Yesterday she came pretty close to laughing. At their 4 month checkup on the 24th she weighed 10lb, 12oz. For the record that means she has gained: 6lb, 10oz since birth. She is no longer the skinny, scrawny little darling but instead has this adorable round head and plenty of body chub. She is 22.5 in long up 5 in. Once her hair grows in she will have dark hair, right now I can't tell if it will be a dark brown shade like her daddy or more light brown like me and Evie. She has beautiful blue eyes with eyelashes that curl naturally. One of the most adorable things about Ella is that when she talks she makes very delicate, girly noises. I love it, especially as she finishes every sentence with a raspberry/motorboat noise filled with bubbles. She has easily wrapped us around her long adorable fingers.
Despite Shawn being an old pro at dressing his children he managed to put this sleeper on wrong with an arm in a leg hole an vica versa.Trying to figure out those crazy things we call hands.


Henry or as we've come to think of him, Shawn's mini-me, doesn't seem to be as big of an eater as Ella though his size belies this idea. He is not only chubby but a very solid little boy. His hands are one of my favorite features as they are round and poly, it's surprising that he can bend his fingers at all. Henry weighed in at 13lb 8oz. Not only is this a 4lb gain in 2 months but a whopping 8lb, 6oz gain since birth and a 1lb heavier then Evie at this age AND he is primarily breastfed. Normally these babies are supposed to be slimier and lighter, obviously Henry doesn't agree with this consensus. He is 23.75 in long, a gain of 5.25 in. Henry naps in the swing during the day but refuses to fall asleep this way at bedtime, preferring the bouncer instead. Henry appears to be shy in his interactions. When he smiles his eyes light up and when you smile back he will sometimes turn away with his shy smile, bringing his arms up. He continues to be very easy-going except when he's hungry, go figure! He loves to stand and gets excited whenever given the chance. So proud of his own achievement, almost as proud as we are. When he gets excited he breaths through his noise excitedly, almost in a snorting way. His uncle Brandon thought something was wrong with him and I had to tell him that Henry was just excited. He laughed at daddy a week ago. I've yet to witness it. Henry if you haven't figured it out looks JUST LIKE his daddy, especially his dimpled smile. We are so in love with that dimpled face.


Grant is still the peanut. Although not far behind Ella in size he looks smaller and more delicate. He doesn't seem that way in personality as he can definitely demand your attention. He has become the easiest and biggest smiler. He smiles from ear to ear but also has an adorable "Elvis" smile. If you are in a bad mood in anyway his smiles while turn your day around. He loves to play under the mat and with the bouncer toys. Unlike his siblings he is especially skilled at really getting a hold of the animals in his little hands. Feedings with him have become a little difficult because of his insistence in "helping" with the bottles. He has become so strong he can push the bottle out of his mouth or off to the side. We've changed levels on the nipples for the other two but he has not tolerated the stronger flow as well. Grant favors my side, particularly my dad, in looks (right down to the bald head-hehe). Grant has the most adorable cry with snorting. It's hard to not laugh a little when he's crying. I can easily tell their cry's apart. Grant weighs 10lb, 2oz a gain of 6lb, 9oz. He is 22.5 in up 5.5in. He is more active then the others and we find joy in just watching him enjoy life.

His "Elvis" smile.
Not quite a full smile, imagine his mouth open an inch.

All she wants for Christmas is baby's. But she is definitely NOT getting any more. Anma and Anpa V are getting her a special baby toy but I will post pictures of it after Christmas. We are trying to get her interested is something NOT baby. She has enjoyed playing with a Littlest Pet Shop 90's edition, borrowed from Auntie Laura, during the Thanksgiving weekend. "Santa" may think about this as a gift for her. She also has enjoyed inviting her anpa, anma's auntie, great anma and family friends to play in her "oom" at anma and anpa's A's house. Beware this means come play nap, your sick and "let me boss you around." Other fun things she's enjoyed is attending a gymboree type event where she got to jump on trampolines, do somersaults, and jump into foam squares. She loved it and we will attempt to bring her again. She had a big first and a highlight for mama and dadee when we brought her to her first movie yesterday, Tangled. She loved it so much that when it was done and we had to leave she cried. She enjoyed popcorn and Twizzlers and sat so perfectly that an older lady commented to me how well she did. I thought, well of course she did she is after all MY daughter (said with tongue in cheek). We had a great date, I only wish I'd taken pictures or had a ticket stub as a souvenir. She has been a testament to me that the 2's are not terrible, but the 3's are with her tantrums. We've made great strides this week and last but they are not gone totally when she gets frustrated or mad when things aren't going her way. Still none can resist her sweet smile. We try but it's too hard.

For a time she wouldn't let us take pictures of her. But threaten to take picures of the babies and she smiles right away.


Anonymous said...

I could really cry looking at how big they are all getting! Too cute! I like your haircut by the way!

Love you! Give them all love from me!


keeshaobrien said...

Love it! Can't believe the babies are already four months old. Miss you lots! Hugs and Kisses to all!

Megan said...

LOVE IT! They are getting so big. I finally got to hold one of them at the last MOPS meeting - it was Grant and boy I can attest to that smiler. He really gives it to you. I can't believe they are 4 months already. Time goes way too fast. They all look great and healthy and beautiful. Oh and regarding tantrums. For us they started at 3 and haven't ended yet. I hope you have better luck =0(

So fun to see/read a new post. Love getting the updates on these cutie pies. Hope your doing good and I'm sure we'll see you at the next MOPS meeting.

sjv said...

Great pictures and update! ALL of your babies are just beautiful!!

And that haircut makes you one hot mama!

Definitely lets plan a get together after the holidays. Can't wait to see you all!!

Love, sara