Tuesday, November 2, 2010

3 months

I am going to say this EACH and EVERY month B-U-T...I can't believe my babies are 3 months old!!!! They are growing so fast and have changed so much since those first days in the NICU. Luckily I like to document their lives so even though much of that time is a blur I can still remember the little moments. Though the hardest part is remembering them being so small. No way would I believe that my peanut (Grant) weighed 3lbs, 9oz. Just recently Ella and Grant joined Henry wearing size 3mo clothing and are much more active throughout the day. Shawn was excited at the transition, my heart broke a little. Possibly because my mind is already seeing them as a 3 year old like Evie. The time between 3mo clothing and now seems to be a blur filled with snapshots of big joy and big moments. Here is a synopsis of what the babies are doing now:


I imagine sometimes that she will be nicknamed Miley (like Miley Cyrus) because of her BIG smiles. Already I call her Smiley about as much as I call her Sweet Pea. It really doesn't take much to gain a smile from her, unlike her brothers. In fact she wakes up smiling. I think she will be a morning person like Evie. Both of them wake up smiling and happy, singing songs. For an owl like me it sure helps to wake me up and brighten my mood. It's funny but Ella frowns almost as adorably as she smiles. She looks like she is trying to figure out this crazy world. We love when she talks as it is definitely a sweet girl sound, and even without looking we can tell she's happy just by her noises. Ella loves a pacifier but her tongue doesn't know that as it continuously wants to push it out. She often wants it for naps but I can't keep it in long enough to fall asleep. I am doing the weekly shopping today and (also like her big sister) will be purchasing a few different kinds to see if a new model helps with the problem. Ella now eats about 4oz at a time and feedings are approximately 3 hours apart except at night when they sleep about 6 hours. She has a bit of an urping problem caused by a little reflux. She does not seem to be bothered by it but it does make for some wet outfits. Daddy thinks and mama agrees that our baby girl is beautiful. Right now her eyes are blue and she has daddy's dark skin. I'm not sure about the rest of her. Right now she leans towards her daddy and Evie in looks but there is something of me in her too that I just can't pinpoint. I'm crossing my fingers that one of these 3 has my eye color. It is my favorite feature but more then that I inherited it from my dad who inherited it from his dad. My nephew and sisters also have this eye color. Ella's smile reminds me of Evie.


Still very much the Chubba Bubba. He has rolls everywhere. I just LOVE a chubby baby!! He will probably switch to 6mo clothes before the month is out. Henry continues to be our easygoing baby. He will lay contentedly under the play mat for over an hour watching the mobile, looking in the mirror, listening to the music and accidentally hitting a toy. In regards to "actual" age, as opposed to adjusted age (which for them being born 5 weeks early is technically 2 months) Henry is developmentally closer to his real age then either Ella or Grant. This is evident by the greater degree of chatter he emits. He has a adorable smile but unlike Ella makes you work for them. There is nothing in particular that you can do that will elicit a smile every time. He continues to be my only breastfeeder and like Ella has a bit of reflux. He does not like to have bottles as much. Henry is the spitting image of his father, except for his eyes and lips which he gets from me. He also has my shoulder dimples, which I am thrilled to pass on. Most often Henry takes his naps swaddled in the swing, much like his oldest sister did. However, when we try to use that same technique to go to sleep at night he throws a major fit. It's a little odd but whatever works for you Henry. Henry rarely takes a pacifier, preferring his hands instead. Unfortunately, his hands aren't cooperating. I've been attempting to get a video of his attempts at corralling his hands but he isn't cooperating either. What it looks like is Henry using one hand to grab the other to shove into his mouth. It's adorable!


Grant has changed the most since 2 months. He's much more easy-going and like his brother typically cries for 2 reasons: 1. hungry and 2. tired. He loves his soothie pacifier and can keep it in his mouth easily UNLESS he's tired. Then he doesn't want it and is his way of telling you he needs a nap. He continues to sleep ALL the time on his belly EXCEPT when we flip him over and put him in the co-sleeper for the night. He an Ella have the same eating habits. He is our active baby. He is never still. When Ella eats she has both hands fisted at breast level. Henry typically keeps his arms down at his sides. Grant is grasping at the bottle, your hands, his face etc. When he sits in the bouncer (which he does contentedly) his arms and legs never stop. He is like Evie in this. I don't remember it to this extent but then she was our first and only baby at that time. It's probably the reason he is so thin compared to his siblings. Ella and Grant side by side look similar in weight but if you compare their legs Grant's look scrawny. Very similar to Evie. Putting all three babies together is somewhat like playing "one of these things is not like the other..." The answer is: Henry. He looks like he was born a month earlier. Grant continues to like to listen to his pull-toy elephant which plays "Twinkle, Twinkle." If you don't pull it he will sit and stare at it as if willing it to sing. Grant loves to have you click your tongue. That and smiles from you are all it takes to elicit a smile from him. His smiles are adorable. Sometimes they are only one side of the mouth, sometimes they are full. But unlike his siblings they are these huge, goofy open mouth smiles. LOVE IT! We figure that little man will be crawling first because of his superior upper body strength. He has managed to nearly army crawl his way off the couch several times and can lift his while upper body up. He has even managed to roll over once earlier this month. It's crazy to watch.

One of the most common comments we receive from people when they learn that we have triplets is "you must be busy." Well it's true, we are. BUT we were busy before they came along. It was just a different kind of busy. That was a many meeting, lots of activities kind of busy versus diaper changing, lots of feedings kind of busy. I'm sure you are busy too! When I first learned that we were pregnant with these three I was 1. in shock and 2. a little depressed/scared. This was because I didn't know how we'd/I'd do it not to mention the scare tactics our doctor used to "encourage" us after that first ultrasound (ie bedrest at 20 weeks, early delivery, airlifted to U of M etc, etc) First I decided the doctor was wrong, I mean how would she know what this pregnancy was going to be like or how it would end?? Not only did I prove her wrong (take that S. D!!!!) but I proved all the people who thereafter who were less then encouraging wrong. (Mind you I am NOT talking about my friends). Here we are 3 months into it and we're doing it!!!! We get more sleep then lots of parents with singletons (5-7 hrs) and we are a well-oiled triplet caring machine. AND I'm loving almost every minute of it. Well, let's face it if I said EVERY minute it would mean I love the crying (I don't) and enjoy the 3 year old tantrums (I definitely don't). We don't get out much but I made my first MOPS meeting with all three and soon we'll hit church as a family. Having triplets has had its downs (NICU, c-section, inconsolable crying, pumping) but it also has LOTS of ups. One of these is the opportunity I've had to appreciate the little things about each of them. For instance, if it weren't for having triplets I would never have noticed Grant's energy level, his snorty cry or love of tummy sleeping as much. Or Ella's feminine chatter, inhaled excitement squeals and wide-eyed looks. Or Henry's faster growth, easy-going manner or silly grins. I love that I get to see their individualism so clearly. In addition, I get 3 times the smiles, 3 times the adorable cooing and get to look forward to 3 times the "love you mama," 3 times the hugs, and 3 times the kisses. What could be better then that????


Anonymous said...

Cute! Love the updates! Wish I could be there everyday to see them grow! Missed reading about Grace though! And want to see the Halloween Pics!!!

Love you!


Anonymous said...

Adore the pics of your wonderful, happy family! Thank you so much for sharing them. Look forward to the updates so much. Get Evie to give them a hug from us and give Evie lotsa hugs from us
love Dawn & Bruce

keeshaobrien said...

As usual, we very much enjoyed seeing pics of our nieces and nephews. We also enjoy hearing about them and what's new. Wish we could hold them. We were both amazed at the difference between the first pic (at the hospital with the tubes) and their 3 month pic. they are so much bigger and so different looking. We love you and miss you. Keesha and Chris