Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Henry, 8 months

Sitting up. He is wearing a sleeper passed down to him from his cousin Xander. I have pictures of him sitting in it too and plan to scrapbook page of the boys in it.

Brothers...hopefully they will be bff's.

Mommy enjoying some special quiet time with Henry...a rarity.

Daddy with his "boys." He's a pretty proud papa!!

At 8 months, Henry:

*Shakes his head side-to-side (like a quick no) in excitement. It happens during play or before night-nights. Anytime he is happy.

*Is wearing 6-9 month clothes and size 4 diapers (which was the size Evelyn wore last and didn't get in to until approximately 18-24 months).

*Has blue eyes, which I've been told are shaped like mine. He has dark hair which is short except for these long pieces which fluff out over his ears. Very adorable and endearing.

*Has pudgy hands-love them!

*Still loves to talk and growl. I think I might nickname him Pooh Bear. He still is very easy-going. Really good at chillaxing!

*Can sit for a few minutes without assistance. He rolls adeptly and quickly.

*Loves bananas. As soon as I start to peel one his hands shake in excitement. Yesterday he was making "mmmm" noises, like I would make for a really good cup of coffee or chocolate.

*Enjoys mum-mums which are these rice wafers that melt in their mouths but they can hold and enjoy.

*Has tried the following new foods this month: peaches (sour-yuck!), squash (delicious), banana pieces (double delicious), teething biscuits (slippery but yummy), and prunes (yum!).

*Has been sleeping in his crib most of the night except when he is congested. Probably would make it all night if we weren't worried his fussing would wake up Grant and Ella.

*Finally got his first tooth...bottom right on March 6th. Only symptom is congestion.

*Is an easy smiler, hard to get to laugh. Shawn was able to elicit giggles by kissing Henry's cheek/neck a]while tickling him with his whiskers.

*Loves music.

*Hates being tossed in the air or even shot into the air quickly. Gets quite the terrified look on his face.

*Has begun tipping over the play mat. This will be going into storage shortly, along with the bouncers which are not used very often. I'm kind of sad to see it it is another reminder that my babies are getting big. Only 4 more months and they will no longer be infants;o(


keeshaobrien said...

Missing him like crazy already (and everyone else too!) So glad that I was able to kiss, hug , play with and hold these adorable babies before they were a year old. Just wish the circumstances would have been different. Love you!

Anonymous said...

It is so amazing how much Henry looks like Shawn.
What a cutie!
I love how Henry just sits and chills out. His smiles are so adorable.
He is quiet (most of the time) you and Shawn will have your hands full with Henry too.
Love you All,
Amma A