Friday, March 18, 2011

Once again...

So this guy (the big one, not the little one) has decided that major gallbladder surgery and the following complication that only 4% of our population suffer should once again be facing serious health problems. This time it involves the 2nd most important organ in the body...the heart (your nervous system ie. brain and spinal cord is #1). Shawn has been having chest pain for over 2 months (which he was Evie would say he was being "naughty") which has spread to his jaw and left arm. After trips to Now Care and the ER plus an EKG, stress test and an ECHO we are still left wondering what is going on. So far all results are negative including his blood work. Next they are doing a CT angiogram to check if he has coronary artery disease (a blockage) which would require a stint or a congenital abnormality of the arteries which would require MAJOR open heart surgery. Obviously I am in favor of the first possibility. There is also a chance of it being option #3...mysterious illness causing major problems! None of these are ideal situations. I am a total believer that "God works for the GOOD of those who love him." In the end this is all for Shawn's and mine and the families good but right now all I see is the possibility that Shawn may be staring down a HUGE surgery that will be life threatening. Please pray for answers and God's will in this. Pray for Shawn, for good outcomes. Pray also for our peace during this possibly tumultuous time. Thanks!!

Update: Shawn's CT was NORMAL!!! Very thankful for that. The cardiologist believes that Shawn is suffering from coronary artery spasm. This is a unconfirmed diagnosis as complete diagnosis is only confirmed after an invasive procedure, which he didn't recommend. He has put Shawn on a slow releasing nitrate, which so far has helped with the chest pain. However, as a side effect Shawn has developed a headache. This should diminish/go away the longer is on the medication. Please pray that this happens, the sooner the better. Thanks!!

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Anonymous said...

I am thankful that Shawn is doing better.
We need a nice relaxing year. ;)
Mom A