Wednesday, March 2, 2011

5 Love Languages

There is a book by Mr. Chapman which talks about the languages of love, which are ways in which others show us love. Each of us has a different love language, one of the following: acts of service, words of affirmation, physical touch, quality time and gifts. Which one is yours??? According to the author, your love language can be identified by age 3. Evie's is quality time. She frequently asks you to "play in my woom" and wants to be read to. Just a short time ago she asked if she could work on her puzzle while I worked (aka blogged). She loves to go on walks with you and just be with you in general. She wants to sit on my "wap" everyday.

This information really struck me today. How can I show Evie each and everyday that I love her? And did she feel my love yesterday?? What quality time have we shared??

Here are some new photos of Evie:

Reading Cinderella. Apparently there is a part out her not wearing her socks and getting in trouble. Funny, I never heard that version!

Being read to by Great-Uncle Craig

Evie tells me all the time she is "tired" which is Evie speak for I want a snack in my room while I look at my books. This is because even though she no longer takes official naps I do like her to rest (so I can have quiet for me and for the babies afternoon naps.) She is still in her pajamas because she's had a cold. This day she actually fell asleep, hand in snack trap. CUTE!

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