Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Big Guy

Dear Santa,

I am so beyond excited for your arrival!!!! Last year I had a great time meeting you and I'm glad you enjoyed the cookies we left out for you, remember dat? I'm not perfect and sometimes I get in trouble for loving to much on my brothers and sister. Or not listening. Or whining. Okay, and sometimes I have a complete and total meltdown. BUT I am becoming a sweet little girl, learning lots and I love to give gifts to others like my special drawings of monsters and portraits. I have already been hard at work on an ornament for you and several drawings. I know that we've already chatted about what I REALLY want this year but just in case you forget I would love some Squinkies, especially the Little Mermaid ones!! Otherwise, take care and give the reindeer hugs. We'll leave the lights on but the fireplace off, cookies are on the table. Merry Christmas!!

Love, Evie

Dear Santa,

Despite how it looks we really enjoyed meeting you this year. Truthfully, it was like a first for us since we were really only 4.5 months old last year. It seems like you got smaller but we think that it must be that we are getting so big (we can show you if you don't believe us!) We don't really have any toy requests this year, our toys just can't compete with cupboards, bathrooms, diaper champs and Evie's toys. So surprise us!!! We promise not to eat to many of your cookies if you promise to forget any of our "alleged" naughtiness. Okay?? See you next year!

Ella, Henry & Grant


sjv said...

LOVE these letters to the big guy - especially Evie's!

Thanks for posting these great pictures of the kiddos with Santa. So fun to see how big they are getting.

Looking forward to seeing you all in January!

Jessalyn said...

Love this! I might need to do one for Brooklyn!

Love you!


keeshaobrien said...

Love the Santa pics! At least none of them gave you the Stink-Eye! Cute letters too! Love you!