Monday, June 23, 2008


Per the request of the happy couple: The previous post contains an older photo of the couple. Here they are shortly after Brandon popped the question. Aren't they a cute couple?? They both look extremely happy. Hopefully, these expressions will remain long after the vows are said and during the ins and outs of everyday. That's the working part of marriage. Maintaining your love for each other through the first year, the babies, and life. That is what happiness really is anyways, isn't it? Finding that no matter what, your spouse is the one you'd chose over and over again. Shawn, after 3.5 years of marriage and over 5 years together I'd still chose you. I love you, I love you, I LOOOOVVVEE you!!

Here's the picture:


Anonymous said...

Four years later your still a dork babe...what an awesome pair of dorks we make. Congrats Laura and Brandon. The new picture is much more engagement night like.

Love Shawn

Anonymous said...

I was talking to Aunt Jerene. She was asking about Brandon and giving her congrats to Laura and Brandon.

She said we have great kids who have found great soul mates. She said Tawnda is a great daughter-in-law and from what I told her about Brandon, he sounds like he will be a great son-in-law.

She is right I do have great kids who have found wonderful soul mates.

Welcome to the family Brandon!

If you see me crying they are tears of joy. I am so very happy that my kids have found their soul mates.

All my Love,