Sunday, August 3, 2008

Look out for crazy walkers!!

I can't emphasize any more how much Evie loves walking. I couldn't even get her down for a second nap because all she wants to do is grab my fingers and walk. I am thinking that as soon as she gets the balance thing down she will move from walking to running within 24 hours. I am sure to lose all the weight in a few weeks running from room to room keeping her out of trouble. In the meantime we found a "stroller" for her baby dolls that doubles as a walker. It's great, EXCEPT she cannot drive it straight. She spends 5% of her time walking and 95% of the time frustrated that she's run into a wall, chair, coffee table, etc. She will hopefully master this in the coming days.

I wish our computer worked so I could show you the photos we took of her this weekend at her grandparents house. They brought out a "train" walker that Shawn LOVED. She had a blast walking (and not some much of a blast running into things) and sitting on it while Auntie Laura pushed her from room to room. The pictures are adorable. I am thinking of finding pictures of Shawn with it so I can scrapbook them together.

I went wedding dress shopping with Lyn and of course the bride-to-be, Laura. It was a blast and I am so thankful and happy they included me. The bride is torn between two dresses but she looked gorgeous in both. I won't describe them in case the groom happens upon this page. It's going to be a surprise that he will have to wait 341 days (from their website on didn't count...I'm not that crazy). My only worry about the wedding is Evie's job of flower girl. She will be 22 1/2 months and I am concerned about a cranky, crying baby on the big day. We'll have to try to be as low key as possible. But there is so much to worry about: not messing up her dress or mine, getting in naps, getting her fed, not messing up the hair, smiling in the pictures, not crying during the ceremony or pictures, not screaming etc. Can you see I've been thinking and worrying? And I know that it will all come down on me. Shawn is a great helper but I'm the mama and usually that means the bulk of the work and the worry. Hopefully things will go off without a hitch. In any case she is sure to be the MOST adorable flower girl. The MOST. Even if she is crying, her hair is a mess, and she has food stains all down the front.

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