Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Please don't forget...

...this sweet little girl!

Yes, we are having triplets. Yes, there will be new babies in the house. Yes, this is a first for both families. Yes, this is amazing, awesome and ___________ (fill in with whatever adjective you find apporopriate.)

But...she is awesome. She is amazing. She will be a BIG SISTER! She will be turning 3. She will be starting preschool. She is silly. She loves Dora, reading books (especially Berenstein Bears), and going on a "walk." She is potty trained, she goes to bed easily, she wakes up with a smile (most of the time), her best friend is Abi, and she loves to be outside. She still plays a lot with her babies, she enjoys carrying around a backpack, she is ALWAYS on the move, she only likes apple juice with water, she loves her toes painted, insists on getting "dessed" herself, is stubborn and independent. She gives me approximately a million kisses a day, insists on "man-naids" for every owie, asks "why?" all the time, and is still the sunshine of our lives. She wakes me up in the morning yelling "mommy" or "daddy" but doesn't climb out of bed. She isn't sure about all this baby stuff going on, it's like we've brought in stuff she can't play with, on or in. She is an awesome helper. She is going to be a great sister!

In the excitement of the upcoming arrival of the triplets, one of our greatest worries as parents is that Evelyn will be overshadowed by everything that is baby. And that in the coming years she won't feel "special" because she isn't a triplet. It breaks our hearts that she would EVER consider herself less special or less anything. Please keep that in mind in your visits, questions, excitement and help. She needs the special attention too, if not more!


Anonymous said...

You have a wonderful way with words. Great post as always.

Love you. Shawn

keeshaobrien said...

Great post! Although I could never forget my "first" niece. Hugs and Kisses Evie! Love you to bits and we'll see you soon!

Laura said...

I was thinking while we're up there the weekend that the triplets will probably be born (July 30) we could take her to the zoo or somewhere that Saturday. Or if our hotel has a pool she could go swimming again. The hospital probably won't be the best place for an almost 3-year-old.

Anonymous said...

I have been thinking a lot about Evie and when the triplets come. It will be over whelming for her at first. (I think everyone will be)
Once the household gets adjusted and in the groove of new family members, Evie will love being the big sister.

Candii didn't like Shawn at first but as you have seen Candii loved her little brother very much! I am sure she is watching from heaven keeping an eye on you all.

All my Love!
Amma A

Anonymous said...

Very Wise Parents!!!!

Anonymous said...

To Evie
I'm a big sister to twin brothers, and I tell you what kiddo only VERY SPECIAL little girls get to be a big sister to twins! It a special job to be a big sister to twins. You gotta be a really good helper and it sounds like you already are! Your going to be such a great help to mommy and daddy. Have fun being a big sister! Don't forget you are so special because you get to be the big sister and we are the best!
From Megan Hansen (cousin to Shawn)

Anonymous said...

We would never forget our special pretty princess! Give her hugs and kisses from Auntie Jess and Uncle Goober! Love you guys!