Saturday, June 5, 2010

Splish Splash

Since we've entered that time of year where rain is likely and the resulting puddles are a joy to little girls named Evelyn, I sat down to digitally scrapbook this day that occurred almost a year ago. I finally gave Evie permission to take a walk through her first big puddle. She loved it! She was wearing her sandals but wanted to take them off so she sat right where she was at, in a puddle!! Today was the first day warm enough for her to enjoy splashing through the puddles, which she did for nearly all of our walk to and from the mailbox. I don't blame her! What FUN!


keeshaobrien said...

Great pages! Love everything about them! Especially that sweet girl in the pics!

Anonymous said...

enjoyed the family update and seeing all the fun. You are obviously doing everything right as you look good - considering!!
Be seeing you ALL very soon