Thursday, June 3, 2010

28 weeks

How far along? 28 weeks yesterday or today or maybe tomorrow-it depends
I'm feeling: Surprisingly energetic, sometimes a little "big." My belly is really hard when I'm standing or sitting hard chairs which feels slightly uncomfortable. No serious "pains" or complaints. Right now I am hungry and still amazed and delighted at these baby movements. Baby Boy C loves to stretch out a lot and that's what I feel and see. It's crazy cool!
My 3 peas can now: blink their eyes which have lashes and hopefully weigh about 2 1/2 pounds (which would make my weight gains a little easier on my mind)
What will you be doing in the fall?: Hopefully I will be getting the hang of this mothering triplets thing. Crying when Evie begins preschool. Taking lots of naps (I can wish). Learning how to be super organized and super scheduled!
Baby highlights from the week: My belly has gotten to the point where I can inadvertently knock things over. It's like I went from driving a small Cavalier to a large minivan and not realizing it's bigger take corners too short. Luckily these "dings" are not costly. We bought our stroller today on Amazon. It's actually a quad 2 by 2. We discussed our options and decided that Evie just isn't old enough, big enough or strong enough yet to endure long walks to the park or full day zoo events without the option of a break now and again. In addition, she still rides in the cart at stores so when I go shopping I figure shopping with the stroller will be easier then pushing a cart too. We are hoping it is going to be a good choice for us. It folds up fairly well-for a quad stroller-and weighs 57 lbs. I figure that carrying around 3 babies and their gear should bulk me up enough that 57 lbs will be nothing. I also bought a nursing pillow. I tried a boppy with Evie but spent more time trying to keep the thing under Evie then I did using it. I finally gave up after awhile and just held her without support. It's a good thing she's tiny! I bought a My Brest Friend from my friend Andrea who sells them from her office and then she forwarded me an email from the manufacturer with a new model... for nursing twins. Soooooo, I'm selling my current pillow and bought the bigger deluxe model. Looking forward to trying it out as I nurse 2 babies tandem.
Sleep: Pretty good still. I won't complain too much. It's been much easier this time around. A few hip cramps. Some restless leg. And I get up about 3 times a night to pee. It's a good thing too because I sleep so hard and the belly is so big and heavy that I don't move much at all. It gives me a chance to switch to my other side. I'm not normally a back sleeper but during this pregnancy and Evie's I'd fall asleep on my side and wake up on my back-every time. With Evie this went until she was born, despite Shawn's attempts to get me on my side. This time around it ended about the 24th week. I think my body knows that the babies are too heavy and are going to cut of any circulation to them and the lower half of my body.
Movement: Pretty much 24/7. I don't feel much when I'm up and moving, which is typical. I'm hippy and waddle so they are very much lulled to sleep anytime I'm on my feet. I can't feel hiccups yet, not sure if I ever will.

Cravings: None. Never really have too much of this.
Currently reading: Strong Women, Soft Hearts
Names: Not telling on here until the big announcement of their births. Ask me in person and I will tell you.
Projects: Organizing, organizing , organizing! I am working to get every single cupboard and shelf organized. We have a small house and LOTS of stuff for many people, and no basement. I've got to find somewhere to put it that isn't on the floor. Actually enjoying myself immensely. I just organized under the kitchen sink today and it looks so much better and easier to get to. I make myself a list of about 10 things to get done everyday. Don't worry, two of those are shower before noon and make the bed. I also have a longer list of stuff to do including dusting and other cleaning. Crossing stuff off makes me feel productive especially when I spend more time then I'd mentally like (but physically need) sitting on my butt.


keeshaobrien said...

:) I wish I was there to see your belly again before the babies are here! I love you and miss you lots!

Anonymous said...

I don't feel like you are all that big yet, you look good!


Anonymous said...

You look beautiful Tawnda! Love you!"