Thursday, June 10, 2010

29 weeeks

How far along? 29 weeks give or take
I'm feeling: Worse compared to last week. Apparently I shouldn't have said anything last week about feeling so good! I've developed restless leg syndrome (RLS), to a greater degree. Usually an adjustment helps but I think I'm past that point. Heartburn is a little worse but the the big kicker is the fatigue that started on Sunday. My belly is especially itchy today and the stretch marks are looking really red so I must be growing more. You'd think with three babies in there that I would be full all the time or at least not be able to eat much BUT I'm hungry all the time!!! Shawn was feeding me every 15 minutes on Saturday, I felt ridiculous! I've had a little bit of an increase in my blood pressure. Nothing to worry about per my OB, but it's weird seeing numbers so "high" for me. Just FYI "high" to me is 114/75. Normal is 103/68. My BP this morning was back in my normal range so I'm a little less worried about it. The OB related that nothing would officially be done regarding it until it's in the 140's.
Baby highlights from the week: I had a regular OB appointment today and heartbeats were healthy between 142 bpm and 158 bpm. The babies are moving all the time. The RLS has kept me up late the last couple of nights and I especially noted movements at approximately 12:30 am. I'm hoping that this is related to the GLEE music I was enjoying and not a habit that will continue after their arrival. My belly is measuring 33 cm. This number usually corresponds with how far along you are in the pregnancy, so for me that means the belly is measuring 33 weeks. I thought that seemed low so I asked if I was carrying wide and she said yes. It makes sense as the babies are all sideways versus up and down.
Sleep: Good when I actually fall asleep. I wake up every 2 hours (sometimes longer) because of either 1. having to pee or 2. my hips cramping up being in the same position. Last night was the first time I rolled over where I felt I needed Shawn's assistance. I didn't wake him up but he should start expecting it soon (hint, hint).
Cravings: Just lots and lots of food! Nothing in particular. I am trying to eat lots of fruits especially now that there are so many in season. I also treated myself to the new cheeseburger doritos. They were delicious!!
What no one tells you: Everything!!!!! There is no literature out there for being pregnant with triplets. Sometimes it seems like even the OB's are not sure about anything. I've gotten one teeny-tiny manual for triplets, talked with a nutritionist and visited a few forums but really the information for singletons and twins is immense compared to triplets and above!
What I miss: I don't miss alcohol as I am not much of a drinker. I've never eaten sushi so I'm not missing that. Though we have a new restaurant in MK that I am looking forward to trying when the triplets are here. We are already thinking about our first date after the babies arrive. What I really miss is the little things you often take for granted: picking stuff off the floor, energy to do normal things, picking up things without thinking about the weight, breathing, shaving my legs, painting my toenails etc. I really miss being "normal."
Current projects: I have been spending a lot of time researching breast pumps. Other triplet moms recommend renting one but that can only last so long AND our insurance never covered it with Evie, I doubt it will be covered with these guys. My current one is uncomfortable and was used when I bought it. Still waiting for my nursing pillow and quad stroller to arrive. I am continuing the house cleaning project. Most of the house is organized to my satisfaction, now I have to do the "normal" stuff like dusting and vacuuming. It really needs to be done, but honestly I loathe it. I would love to organize all day, but cleaning YUCK! I am also working on scrapbooking. With Evie I finished our wedding album. With these guys I'd love to say I got caught up on Evie's scrapbook, which is probably not a reasonable goal based on how far behind I am already.
Up next: We have our specialty appointment tomorrow. Another 1.5 hr appointment where all we do is enjoy looking at our babies. We also are supposed to talk about our "birth plan" which really means we will ask a lot of questions and see what they say in response to our questions and concerns. We will also head to IA in the future to visit Shawn's parents/family and have our third baby shower. We will have had one for each baby now. Once this one is done we will be able to determine those things which we need to buy on our own. More organization and prep! YEAH! I am planning to also work on getting the 2 cribs our friends have offered us. I will not be able to relax until they are up and ready for the triplets arrival, regardless of how soon they will use them.
Other weekly highlights: I signed Evie up for the summer reading program in MK. She even got her own library card. I remember distinctly the joy I felt as a child when my mom took us to the library. How fun it was having that card and the excitement of checking out books. I think that is part of my love of reading and I hope that this encourages Evie's as well. She really enjoyed picking out her books and giving the librarian her card. It took a little bit of time before she would let us read them to her, but we've been enjoying them. I'm not sure she understands that they are only borrowed, she refers to them as "my books." We went to a state park yesterday with my friend Rachel and Evie's BFF, Abi. The park includes a really neat "pool" with a sandy bottom and shore. It was a little chilly but Evie enjoyed playing in the water and sand. Definitely something I could do again, if the belly agrees. I've found some fun triplet onsies online and with a friend doing most of the work we are getting crafty and are creating some fun outfits. Evie will also be getting a few new shirts and I am as excited about them as I am about the quad stroller.

12 weeks

29 weeks


keeshaobrien said...

Great blog post! You can definitely see it in your face that you are more tired. Rest up mama, cause once those babies come you won't get much (for a little while anyways!). Love you and miss you--can you believe only 7(+) weeks until my nephews and niece are here!

Anonymous said...

Wow you are looking more tired! Get some rest!!!!! Love you! Take care of yourself!!!