Friday, June 25, 2010

31 weeks

Me and my 4 "babies"

Note: this was written on Friday but due to several busy days and tornado warnings at night I was unable to post this until now.

How far along? 31 weeks
I'm feeling: lots of itching!!! It's been crazy the last week. Today was not so bad. I'm not sure if that means a huge growth spurt last week or what. All I know is that if I need to itch so they can grow...bring on the belly lotion and hydro-cortisone cream!! Napping is done every day and I'm trying to take it easy...even when my mind says "get to work!"
My highlights from the week: Honestly I don't remember the week! Looking back at my calender we did go to Minneopa Park with Lyn and Verlynn and it is beautiful there. A VERY nice park with water falls that would be a delight to hike and explore...if I wasn't 31 weeks pregnant with triplets. BUT we will be back over and over again!! We had been to the campground several years ago and it was also nice. I immediately called my parents who have a new motor home and told them that I expect them to be out there camping next summer so we can also go camping! I also was able to go to a book club on Monday night. This is something I've wanted to do for YEARS, I am so excited and we had a great night. We read the book "Fireproof." Not the greatest book ever written but our next book "Chosen" by Ginger Garrett looks like it will be great.
My baby's are: according to the US yesterday Baby Girl A is 3 lbs (which is a 1lb gain from 2 weeks ago-AWESOME!), Baby Boy B is 3lbs 1oz and Baby Boy C is 3lbs 2ozs. We had a biophysical US which measures the following: the baby's heart rates, muscle tone, movement, breathing, and the amount of amniotic fluid around the babies. There must be 8 specific things they look for because they were all rated 8/8. It was neat to see their practice breathing movements. Baby Boy C had hiccups too, so cute. When they are doing the breathing movements and getting hiccups it is a good sign that their lungs are maturing!! It also means that their central nervous system is mature.
Labor Signs: nothing yet. At least that I'm aware of. I had a non stress test yesterday as well where they hook me up to a fetal heart monitor and a contraction monitor. For 40 minutes I was monitored and there were 0 contractions. Apparently, as my OB pointed out I am doing "awesome physically." Woot, woot for me!! The heart rate monitoring also went awesome. Shawn asked the nurse(s) if they had monitored triplets before and it was a big N-O. Be-Cause no one had ever made it that far in the pregnancy that were still under their care. CRAZY!! Look out comes a walking miracle!! Seriously though we rejoice and praise God that I've made it this far, still feeling great without bed rest.
Belly Button in or out? Belly button? What belly button?? I don't think I've had one for 10 weeks now. Luckily my belly button was never deep so it more or less flattened out, none of that gross popping out.
Current projects: Still cleaning house. It's a slow going project when you are resting so much. Top of my list this week is dusting Evie's room, dusting our bedroom and organizing my scrapbook stuff...besides showering before noon. As far as "stuff" to do, my friends Sara and Mike will be visiting tomorrow (Saturday) and I am so excited. Sara is 4 weeks behind me in her pregnancy and I can't wait to chat. Shawn and Mike are going golfing, his first time in many, many months. I have another OB appointment on Wednesday with the same tests. They have switched to weekly appointments with regular monitoring now. I have joined a multiples group in MK and they are having a picnic Sunday. This should be fun, though I am a bit of a shy person so big gatherings are hard for me. I have a few odds and ends to get like nursing bras, pajamas, sound machine, and hand print kit but I do not feel the need to rush. I'm wondering when I should start packing a bag for the hospital since we continue to do well. I am going to have Shawn install the car seats at 32 weeks just in case but also feel no rush where that is concerned. It is amazing where we are at right now in this pregnancy. I really thought I'd be on bed rest, possibly hospitalized with contractions and problems. So far...nada. It has left me a little disoriented. I don't even have limitations other then 30 lbs, which technically is still a lot. I will have a 10 lb lifting limit after the c-section, imagine that!


Anonymous said...

You look great this week dear. Love you. Shawn

Kim Muhlenbruch said...

I am so glad you and the babies are doing so well. I can't wait to see your new additions. I know that Grandma Lyn is so excited.

Sandie Tish said...

A wise person once commented to me that having a baby is the only time God needs someone else involved to perform a miracle!! It's YOU Tawnda! Together you and he are creating three new spirits wrapped in flesh! How awesome that is. You are an amazing young woman and a dynamo mommy. I'm blessed to call you my friend and I'm among the many of your friends who are praying for you and your family. I'm in love with the God of creation.

keeshaobrien said...

As usual, I love your updates! Miss you guys a lot! Also, expect to see a scrapped page of the 2nd pic!