Monday, February 21, 2011

Am I Crazy????

So here's the big question: to make baby food or not to??? With Evie it was an easy decision. One kid=less baby food...make it myself. I enjoyed the task and felt great 1. saving money and 2. knowing what was in her food.

With these guys I am not so sure. I would like to and in fact have made both peas and green beans both of which were loved by the babies way above that runny baby jar food. They didn't appreciate the canned stuff to much unless I disguised it with pears, bananas or other fruits. Not to mention the weird color of the canned stuff compared to the stuff I made. Makes you question the validity of the ingredients. So I am seriously contemplating making it for them myself. Most days I don't have time to shower, add in making my own baby food and even I think I've jumped off the deep end. I think in the ends it's going to be make the veggies, buy the fruit. Can we get a YA-HOO from the babies??

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