Saturday, February 5, 2011


One of her purses. She loves to stuff all her bags and purses to the brim. Then she tells me she's going to "peskool."

With her "triplet" stroller from Anma and Anpa V.

"No pictures please!"

I am a bad parent, I admit it. For even though Evelyn is slightly behind in her language skills, I secretly LOVE her mispronunciations. They are adorable. I have a hard time correcting her. For instance, I think that "namies" are a lot more comfy and enjoyable then plan ol' pajamas. I love to put off today what I can do "manara." I have a hard time just calling the babies Grant, Henry and Ella instead of "Nant, Enry and Ayla." And finally my parents and Shawn's will never be known as anything other then Evie's and the babies "anma's" and "anpa's." Here is some other Evieisms.

Peskool: preschool
Do-Do-Dora: Dora
Andy-ane: Candy cane
Not et: Not yet!
Darbage: garbage
I wan ugs and isses: I want hugs and kisses.
Can I hab some ocen, peas?: Can I have some lotion, please?
baby Desus: baby Jesus
Q-numbers: cucumbers
Pebutter an delly samich: Peanut butter and jelly sandwich
Ot-og: Hotdog
I'm Hungee, mommy: I'm hungry, mommy!

Obviously she has a little difficulty in the "hard" consonants like "k" and the like. She also has problems with the first letter to words. My name is Tawnda and she pronounces it "Awna."

Other completely adorable things she does is every morning da-dee asks Evie "where's my hugs and kisses?" Pointing to her lips and then chest Evelyn tells da-dee "here and here!" Evelyn gets up at about 7:30a everyday. By 8am all of her toys are out and lined up all over the house, including her cars. She then gives them books or food to "eat." Maybe she believes as Sara Crewe does, from the story she and I are reading together: The Little Princess, that dolls and toys come to life when we leave the room. Her favorite movie, Toy Story, certainly confirms this.

Nearly every toy she owns has a mama, daddy and baby. Including her cars, animals, dolls etc. Anything she sees either gets labeled mommy, dadee, baby and sometimes if they look a little older anma or anpa. Lately she has at least been playing with toys other then her babies. She builds robots, plays with Mr./Mrs. Potato head (usually she dresses up a spud as me, the other day I had a pig nose for eyes, a tongue for one ear among other interesting features-not sure how I should take her demonstration of me), reads books among other things. Playing house is by far her favorite activity still, even if the only toys she had were rocks.

Up next a few pictures of Evie and I baking cookies for "Santa."


Anonymous said...

Evie is such a cutie.
You know she is growing up way to fast. ;)
Amma A

I am happy to be known as Amma. I love that special name that Evie has given us.

Anonymous said...

My favorite Eviesm has to be her response to the question, "Where are my hugs and kisses?"