Monday, February 7, 2011

Cookies for Santa

For Christmas this year Evie and I made sugar cookies for Santa. It was a special Christmas activitiy as it was something just Evie and I could do and it involved using my Grandma B's sugar cookie recipe. We used to make them with her for Easter. I even made her special icing and they turned out quite delicious. We left two for Santa (the only thing I didn't get a photo of), goat's milk and some carrots for the reindeer. Evie was quite thrilled Christmas morning to see that he had "enjoyed" her treats. She also wanted to leave out some for "baby Desus" but I told her that the treats were for Santa only as he only visited once a year. Jesus on the other hand was with us all year long. I told her that Jesus lived in my heart. Now she repeatedly tells me and others (including my mom who was quite confused because of her mispronunciations) that "baby Desus bibes in my heart."

Another, quite adorable story of Evelyn took place as I was putting up our many nativity scenes. We were talking about the characters and asked Evie who Jesus' mother was (Mary) and who his earthly father was (Joseph). Then I explained that Mary had baby Jesus in her belly like I had the babies in my belly. To this Evie explained, "I've got baby Desus in my belly too!" It was a Christmas miracle! She is always making me laugh!!

Mixing together the sugar cookie ingredients.

Mixing the cake batter for Jesus' birthday cake. I was delicious too! Evie was at first scared of the mixer but then grabbed hold and mixed away. We did this as the cookie dough chilled.

Mmmm....chocolate batter! One of Evie's favorite parts!

Cutting out cookies. We had stars, trees, angels, snowflakes, bells, candy canes and of course a moose.

Icing the cookies, hard to resist eating all of them at this point. Evie and dad each had one before Evie went off to bed.

The bakers!


Anonymous said...

I love the pictures of you and Evie baking. These are the moments that Evie will remember. Spending time with you.
I miss my baking partner, Evie. We will have to do some baking next time.

Love you All!
Amma A

Anonymous said...

What a special time for you and Evelyn to have together. I love the pictures and the story! Wonderful!

Love, sara

Anonymous said...

The cookies were delicious! You make a great baking team.


keeshaobrien said...

You were too fast for me to comment on the first Evie post! LOL! I love see pics of my "first" niece! She is looking so much older and I swear taller. I miss her (and everybody really) so much! I may be using some of those pics for some layouts! The cookies looked delicious and if you make some for me, I'll make some of the Oreo Delight for you--do we have a deal? Love to all!

Anonymous said...

Boy do those cookies look good i wish i was santa claus yum yum.
Love anmpa Jeff

Anonymous said...

Just adore your pics and accompanying stories! What fantastic memories you are creating
Evie is such a vivacious & beautiful girl and will be a marvelous big sister. My heart just melts seeing your photos.
I totally agree with Anma A about having the special name of anma & anpa
Love to all
Bruce & Dawn XX