Saturday, February 19, 2011

Anma's and Anpa's

Evelyn LOVES her grandparents. To the point that if we say "guess who's coming over tomorrow" (answer most often: best friend Abi) her first guess is anma and anpa. She even asks to go to their house every week sometimes more then once. We love it, as I'm sure her grandparents do.

I love my parents and my in-laws. I think that they are awesome parents, and have raised some pretty great children, if I do say myself. However, one of the MOST AWESOME things is watching them as grandparents. They ADORE my children (who wouldn't) and it's so fun to watch them interact. They get on the floor with them, they read to them and all of the amazing things that grandparents do. It is such a special relationship and I feel lucky to have two sets of loving grandparents. Grandparents who take the day off just to come and watch the babies while I go to a rheumatoid appointment. Grandparents who call to ask me to post about Evie, because "I miss her." Grandparents who bought so many clothes for the boys, I ran out of room to put them. Grandparents who can barely wait til the babies wake up to pick them up. Grandparents who spend over an hour in Evie's room being bossed around. Grandparents who drove 5+ hours to be at the hospital when the triplets were born. Grandparents who stayed up all night, or slept in cramped chairs, or froze in the hospital to be present when Evie was born. Grandparents who bought a camper so they'd have something to stay in when visiting (though they also wanted it for camping). Grandparents who volunteer night shift duties. Grandparents who change messy diapers and help a toddler on the toilet. Grandparents who get excited to take them out on the tractor, boat, lawn mower, zoo, etc for the first time. Grandparents who take 100,000 pictures every time they see the kiddos, almost as many as I take. Grandparents who write down statistics such as weight and length of every checkup.

I admire my parents and Shawn's for many reasons. They both have sacrificed for their families. They've both maintained loving marriages for over 30 years. They've dealt with physical challenges. They've been amazing, loving parents. They've cheered us on and prayed for us. In this new season of grand-parenting they've shown another facet of themselves I've come to admire, appreciate, and respect. Love you guys!!!!!

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keeshaobrien said...

Not sure how i missed this post, but I second it all! I just wish Xander's grandparents were closer!