Friday, April 1, 2011

Grant, 8 months

With Auntie Jess.

Love this outfit on him.

So tired. I put him in the swing for a few minutes to keep him happy while I changed diapers. This is the result.
iBig sitter!

Being loved on by mama!

At 8 months, Grant is:

*Enjoys making spit noises with his tongue.

*Sleeps on his back now. He was a tummy sleeper but kept flipping over to his back so I said "fine, if that's what you got it;o)"

*Does not need a swing or other device to get him to sleep. Congestion rarely interfers with a good sleep, but he is usually the first to wake up. He has a habit of night-pooping, i.e. pooping at 4:30a. Why? I have no idea...but we've been telling him he needs to quite this habit.

*Is the most happy when he is being held. It gives him the best access to his favorite toy: your face. He can be fussy if he has to play by himself on the floor. Often he is on the floor crying while playing with a toy.

*Already plays peek-a-boo. He holds up a bib or burp cloth over his eyes and then pulls it down quickly. Arms and towel go back up after you say "peek." I LOVE it!!!

*Is the most sociable.

*Wears all 3-6 month clothes and size 2 diapers. He is most like Evie in body type. He will need pants with cinchers as she does while his brother won't have this problem.

*Has blond hair and blue eyes. Looks bald!

*Has tried the following new foods this month: peaches (sour-yuck!), squash (delicious), banana pieces (double delicious), teething biscuits (slippery but yummy), and prunes (yum!).

*Can sit the longest and easiest.

*Had his first long laugh at Evelyn being silly...March 12th.

*He started saying "ha-ha-ha-ha." It's pretty silly...don't know where he heard it to learn it.

*Is the easiest to feed. No whining, crying, difficulty keeping food in the mouth, impatience. Just opens every time and fairly neat. Fairly neat...hands get messy some meals from helping the food stay in his mouth.

*Has no favorites, though Evie spends more time with him then the others. No idea why...maybe because he's the loudest or smallest?


Anonymous said...

Grant is so adorable. His smile brightens up my day when he smiles at me. Especially the smile that his eyes close, his whole face glows.
You and Shawn will have your hands full with him ;)
Love you All,
Amma A

keeshaobrien said...

Love him so much! Hugs and kisses! Miss you!