Tuesday, August 30, 2011

FINISHED-A Week in the Life 2010

I finally finished our Week in the Life from October 2010. What an interesting project to do after completing the ones from 2011. It had been only a few months but there were so many changes. I've loved to see how different it can be, and just how drastically different we are after only a few short months. By this time next year our life will be even more different: we will be in our first home, we will have 3-2 year olds, a soon-to-be kindergartener, I will be back at work part-time and we will have two new nieces. It's crazy but we are living our dream!!!! What about you, what is your dream and what are you doing today to live it??? Other "BIG" things occurring in the A household?? Evie turns FOUR in 2 days and Ella WALKED!!!!

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keeshaobrien said...

Great job--man you weren't kidding about how much had changed in less than a year!