Monday, August 1, 2011

A Week in the Life-Sunday

Yesterday was our last day of this years "A Week in the Life." I'm not sad about it, but this first day will be a bit harder to stop taking pictures. It is a good thing it is over though as Shawn was "done" with the project;) Here is our Sunday:

By 6:30 a.m all babies up and having a morning snack including their milk. YUM!

6:45 a.m: Shawn is "surfing" the web. I'm sure he was being productive and not Facebooking or the like;)

7 a.m: Let the mess begin!

7 a.m: Evie's first bathroom trip of the day. She is very potty independent, a skill she's had to learn with triplet siblings.

7:15 a.m: This courageous mama stifles her heebie-jeebies and fear of spiders to catch one live with my bare hands. This is what being a mama enables you to do. Evie is afraid of ALL bugs and I wanted to show her there was nothing to fear. Mission Accomplished I like to think!

7-8:30 a.m: Ready for church.

8:30 a.m: On our 20 minute drive to church I read some more John Maxwell's "Make Today Count." Shawn does all the driving (except for long trips) when we go out together.

8:50 a.m: Arrive at Hillside Church, excited for today's worship and message.

8:55 a.m: Drop Evie off at Kingdom Kid's church, a service just for her age group. She learns about a courageous woman today and receives a book mark with a penny attached to remember "In God We Trust!" Eplurbias Unim!!! I agree!!!!!

9 a.m: Worship begins. I love our worship with music!!

9:30ish: Our Pastor is out of town and has asked our worship leader to share and he gives a "sermon" entitled "Cultivating a Heart of Worship." He did a beautiful job illustrating how if we put life before God then there is no room left for Him but if we put God first then there is still room for life. It was beautifully said and very convicting. One of the things that struck me was relating our relationship with God to our relationship with our spouse and how we should commit to being exclusive to Him. Example: we wouldn't look at our spouse only once a week, like we do to God when we do nothing during the week and show up for church on Sunday.

10:30 a.m: Pick up the "babies" from nursery. There are some churches that don't have nursery's and I don't know how "parents" {be honest...moms} do it! My week is "stressful" and can be draining spiritually. I NEED this time for myself to refresh my spirit and be filled for the week ahead. Besides, it's a good chance for the kids to learn to be happy with others and play with other children. So far {knock on wood x3} there has been no evidence "stranger" anxiety. Evelyn only gave us one day {honestly} of it.

10:45 a.m: We head to Target to pick up {SURPRISE} more toddler food, wipes, deodorant, nasal strips and heel band-aids. We try to use the cart instead of the quad stroller {which I am hoping to do in the winter, instead of getting the stroller all wet/muddy} but it was a complete "failure" as the kids {namely Ella} kept standing up and Henry was entertaining himself chucking pasta pickups out of the cart...good times, good times.

11:40 a.m: Putting toddler food away in the "pantry."

1ish: Playing with the kids in our bedroom. Grant was enjoying it when I "dropped" him. Shawn had turned up the AC to "cut" costs but it was a stifling 78 degrees in our house for several hours, hence the naked baby! Well that and who doesn't enjoy baby bellies and sweet limbs??

1:30 p.m: Evie eats lunch {"made rights"} solo as she wasn't hungry while we ate ours. The real truth is that we interrupted her play cooking/feeding babies with lunch an she wanted to get back to it. Thus when she was upset to be eating alone, we had to tell her that this is what happens when she won't eat at normal lunch times.

3ish: Evie fell asleep next to me while reading. She slept in contorted positions for approximately 2 hours, longer then Ella I think. Must've been that 6:07 a.m. wake up.

3ish: G-Man wakes up after only 30 minutes of napping but is sooooo tired he continues his nap with Shawn....too sweet!

4 p.m: Ella is up "first" wants nothing to do with solo play. She sits on my lap and cuddles with me for almost 45 minutes. She's such a daddy girl that I am reveling in the attention!! I receive a text from Tara, our realtor, at 3:10 telling me that she will call at 4:45 p.m with the reply from the sellers on our counter offer. Time sloooooows down! We try to distract ourselves with the movie we've been enjoying "Secretariet." {I highly recommend it, by the way!}

4.47 p.m: Receive the call from Tara....WE GOT THE HOUSE!!!!!!! This is Shawn shortly after!! Next up: inspection, finally steps in financing, closing and then moving. Last but not least: 20 years of house payments {we are going to put extra towards it every month to pay it off early!}

6 p.m: Shawn starts the charcoal grill to BBQ brats and hotdogs. The rest of the evening is anti-climatic other then all the congrats we receive via Facebook and calling our parents with the good news. We put the babies to bed at 7 despite their good naps {major crabbiness} and watch Toy Story 3 with Evie for mommy-daddy-Evie time. She is in bed at 8:45. Shawn and I watch t.v. and fool around on the internet {including looking at our house online and dreaming}. It's a relaxing end to our week.

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keeshaobrien said...

Great job in your "A Week in the Life"! Super excited for your next big adventure and can't wait to see your new place in pics and in person (next summer!) Love you lots and miss you like crazy!