Sunday, August 7, 2011

FINISHED-A Week in the Life 2011

I love how the finished product turned out. I am done will the digital portion. There are a few pictures I loved that I want to include and important memories, observations and things I overheard that I don't want to leave out, therefore I am printing out individual pictures and then trimming them to fit in divided protection sheet. I will thus finish this project easily and quickly. I am proud to have gotten it down in the same year as the project, unlike the last 3 years. Next maybe I will conquer 2010's photos/words.

Check back Monday for Ella, 1 Year.


keeshaobrien said...

Looks awesome-great job! I think I recognize that kit too (Connie Prince?). That is one reason I love digital so much, because I am able to create my pages so much faster and I enjoy it so much more!

alexa said...

This is lovely - I am admiring the large photos and yet still plenty of space for journalling!