Saturday, August 6, 2011

Silly Saturday

Does anyone else have this problem?? Evelyn is CONSTANTLY putting her babies/dolls/barbies/animals to sleep EVERYWHERE! It's a huge problem as they can sometimes take over our couches {as was the case here}, her bed, our floors, and anywhere else she finds to put them. Not only do they require quiet but if {heaven forbid} you move them or anything near prepared for melt-down city. You can see she is also a good mama giving them {each} a bedtime story and covering them with a blankets. The triplets don't, of course, understand they're sleeping and disturb their blankets. We've had a few pre-school tantrums from Evie trying to make her understand she has to either be ok {yeah right} with them pulling them off the couches OR take them to her room. Neither answer is acceptable to her {of course!}. One day this complicated concept will sink in that {said slowly and with emphasis} "they are babies!" I imagine this will be the same time she is dealing with an almost 4 year old herself.

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