Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What a year!

Here it is!!! Our year of monthly pictures has sadly come to an end! Can you believe how much they each have changed and grown since that first picture?? I can hardly believe it myself even though I witness it everyday.

Journaling: When you were 5 days old we had our first picture "together". It amazed me on that day that even as tiny as you were, you had all actually fit in my belly! Since then, I have dubbed myself your "bunny" a reference to a scrapbook page I saw, where the child's growth has been documented month by month with a stuffed bunny. To see how you've grown in the last year, we've done the same... only with me. It's been a joy to watch you all grow before our eyes, but we are saddened by how quickly the time has gone. One other thing to notice, darlings, is how much your mama has also changed. From my dramatic hair cuts, 5 day post-partum fatigue, and almost getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight, this year has been as much my journey as it has been yours. Thanks for the ride!! Happy 1st Year, my babies!

To see the pictures closer, just click on the image.

Look next for my individual posts about what they are doing at 1 year plus a post about their circus themed birthday party. Also to come soon...A Week in a Life FINISHED!!!

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keeshaobrien said...

Those pages turned out great and your journaling rocks! I just can't believe they are already a year old. Thank goodness for your blog, so I am to see them grow up as I can't do it in person. Love you and miss you lots!