Tuesday, December 13, 2011

33 BEFORE 33

My sister had a brillent idea of creating a bucket list of sorts to complete before she turned the big 3-0. I am, somewhat unfortunately, already been there and gone BUT in the spirit of her list I decided to create my own before the BIG 3-3. I, of course, celebrated my birthday in October but unfortunately as with everything else am behind on documenting it. Here it is:

1. Lose 33 lbs.
2. Scrapbook ALL of the loose pictures I've printed with the good intention of scrapbooking.
3. Read one personal growth/business book per month (12 total).
4. Take my kids on a great adventure.
5. Make Top Flight (it's a business thing)
6. Get to work early by being prepared the night before.
7. Kick my diet dew habit...for good.
8. Get out of my comfort zone...be bold with GOH & proxies (it's a business thing).
9. Workout 3 times a week. (I really don't like this one but it needs to be done and said).
10. Take a long weekend away, just Shawn and I.
11. Get out with the triplets more...take them to the mall, the park, the cities etc.
12. Become a crock pot crazy. Cook at least one meal this way per week.
13. Eat 3 veggies a day (hey, I barely eat one)
14. Take a Zumba class.
15. Give a speech.
16. Serve on a board.
17. Keep the kitchen table hot spot free, kitchen counters too.
18. Get the new house 100% organized and unpacked.
19. Save 10% every month.
20. Try out a new recipe twice a month.
21. Cook dessert with Evie.
22. Make a new friend...have playdates.
23. Read my bible consistently 30 minutes a day.
24. Finish year 3 of my nutrition certification WAY before the end of the year.
25. Have Shawn teach me how to drive a stick shift.
26. Start a blog for our office.
27. Write every week in the kid's journals.
28. Add in bedtime story and prayer to the triplets bedtime routine.
29. Become a secret Santa (with no one in particular, everyone is a candidate for a surprise)
30. Have a YES day for Evie.
31. Enroll Evie in gymnastics.
32. Go on a family picnic.
33. Give us a raise.


sjv said...

SO proud of you! I wrinkled my nose at your diet dew one ... but believe in you. And my husband tells me that I am a crockpot queen. After the holidays, I'll go through my favorite (and easiest) recipes and send them down to you. They will be both crock pot AND new - thus fulfilling two goals. I would also love for you to share any great recipes with me that you discover as you complete the year.


keeshaobrien said...

Awesome goals, and if anyone can do them it is you! Love you!