Sunday, December 18, 2011

I love...

...this man! {Happily} Married 7 years today at approximately 4pm. In 7 years, we've:

1. Became a doctor.
2. Bought a practice.
3. Had a little girl.
4. Had 2 surgeries, 6 hospital stays.
5. Got a niece and a nephew.
6. Gained a brother-in-law.
7. Lost a sister and 2 grandmothers.
8. Moved our practice.
9. Had triplets.
10. Laughed
11. Cried.
12. Experienced disappointments, joys, miracles, answered prayers, overcame fears, medical scares, and temper tantrums.
13. Fell more in love!


You are my best friend. You are the one I want to read my blog the most, tell me I'm pretty/wonderful and your opinion means the most. You make me laugh. You still make my heart flutter. You are my everything. I love you!!


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keeshaobrien said...

so sweet! love you guys!