Friday, December 30, 2011


Q: When you have triplet toddlers, what is the state of the tree by the end of Christmas??

A: A VERY bare tree!

Needless to say our tree came down earlier then we wanted. Due to the "Christmas Flu of 2011" our Christmas celebrations with both our families was postponed and I had planned on leaving the tree up till my parents returned from such luck. Somehow the babies manage to reach every height and the tree will soon be bent over from the extra weight the top is carrying. At last count the toddlers have destroyed 6 ornaments completely and have required me to repair at least 4, two of them twice. Would that we only had 1 toddler have made a difference...who knows. The year Evie was this age, Shawn refused to let us put up a tree. At Shawn's parents, however, she lovingly and gently looked at several ornaments and that was it. Triplets=TROUBLE! :)

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keeshaobrien said...

It'll be a great story for the kiddos to tell their children!