Monday, December 26, 2011

Not-so-Merry Chirstmas

It's typical that when one goes out and about after Christmas that you are asked how your Christmas was. Let me tell you about "Christmas Flu of 2011." Now for those that are from MN or even IA, you well remember the infamous "Halloween Blizzard of 1991." Even this year, its 20th anniversary, people were sharing their stories. That is how I will remember this Christmas.

It started on Friday, with a text from Shawn: "Grant puked all over so come right home."
Half an hour later: "Evie just puked. Get home now."

I was at the movie with Jessie and had to leave 45 minutes early to come home to two VERY ill kids. Let's just say they were staring at a basin every 10 minutes. I joined them sometime later that evening. By 1 am, round one was done. The kids and I were exhausted. Grant woke at 2:30 refusing to sleep because he was so thirsty. He and I slept in 30-45 minute sections, interspersed with refills to his sippy. Evie joined him at 5:30, also thirsty.

Ella was hit the next day, in 3 random vomits which lead to complete confusion on our parts. Was she sick or not? That was the end of round 2.

Shawn went down at 9:30p Christmas eve and like the 2 kids was completely knocked out. Round 3 ended at 4:30a. We spent Christmas day recovering and without a visit from Santa. Needless to say it was not how we expecting the Lord's birthday to be celebrated!!

With everything, I try to think of some positives that came from our Not-So-Merry Christmas:

1. Thanks to the sickness and following days of no appetite, I am a little closer to my first 33 before 33 goal: lose 33 lbs.

2. Henry didn't get sick.

3. The kids won't remember it.

4. Once again I proved to Shawn that my GI tract is made of steel. His level of sickness vs. my level...

5. I was able to clean/sanitize/disinfect both bathrooms and all bedding was changed and washed. Something that NEEDED to be done.

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