Saturday, April 28, 2012

2012 Week in the Life-Saturday

Welcome to MN, where summer and winter are predicted in the same week.  We had a prediction for snow this morning, with highs in the 40's... which is completely and totally CRAZY when you look at Tuesdays pictures of my kids in their shorts at the park.  Only a few days ago I was worried about the kids getting a I had to worry because their winter jackets have been relegated to storage.  Luckily, snow was a no show, just a little/lot of rain.

I would say a good majority of the time we waste energy in our home, because we dry our clothes but do not have time to fold them.  Thus, like this morning, I had to set the drier on a 15 minute de-wrinkle so Shawn would have usable dress pants for the conference.

The kids morning options are fairly limited: cereal, cereal bars, oatmeal, and some type of fruit...all washed down with delicious goat's milk.  A favorite for me to get for them is their Kix in snack cups and milk just for quickness and mess control.

Breakfast was served at 6:45a this morning...we had early birds.

This is the kids snack/treat/canned fruit cupboard.  Everything in here is kid specific and not  for mom and dad...mostly because they are high in calories:)

The conference we attended was given by our management company and was very interesting.  Our focus was on finances and having a plan (GOALS) and working towards them.  Did you know that only 1% of the population has a written plan (goal) that they review every day?  Guess where 1% of the top  earners are??  Yep, goal makers are the ones making all the money. 

This is the CEO of the company and the lead speaker.  He's a very dynamic speaker and we always come away from the sessions with ideas and excitement for our office.

Our schedule:

The conference was held at a Casino and we enjoyed the buffet at lunch.  Chris, our CA, was the most excited about it and without a doubt it was delicious and yes we all left stuffed.  Dessert was a little disappointing, as I tried 5 different ones finally settling for same ole' ice cream and strawberry covered angel food cake.  It was delicious, but the main foods were the best.

The staff spent the afternoon discussing collections, while Shawn and I were is a session discussing overhead.  Despite my serious fatigue (I nodded off at least twice), it was  a great afternoon.

The ride (1.5 hrs) was uneventful, except for that indecisive quick stop I made in Jordan.  Just making sure everyone was still awake!!  The talks following our conferences are always interesting as we compare notes.

While we were gone the "babies" and Evie enjoyed special time not only with amma and ampa A but a favorite guest...AUNTIE LAURA!! 

The babies stayed home with ampa, while the "girls" (minus Ella) went clothes shopping.  Here are a few pictures from their fun:

Enjoying ice cream, which is always better when smeared all over your face!

They had a good laugh putting Auntie's boots on the kids...who would not/could not walk in them:)

Snuggling with ampa after nap.

They are getting so BIG!
We arrived home to for supper.  Despite our giant lunch, Shawn and I still managed to consume a few pieces...happily.  Following we had great conversations and enjoyed the kids antics.

At the end of the night, I had one of my best moments of the week...a Skype session with my oldest sister Keesha.  I'm not sure if everyone else misses their family as much as I miss my sister but being so far away can sometimes be agony.  She and her family, including my newest niece Molly whom I've never "met", live in TX.  I am desperate to see them and the next best thing was this time o the computer.  The program or her computer had a slight glitch which curtailed the calls but it was still one of the best 22 minutes I've spent.  The kids enjoyed it too.  And I can not tell you that Molly has the most adorable thighs, and she loves it when Auntie blows raspberry noises.  Keesha was able to official "meet" B and watching that was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!  BEST NIGHT!!  I am excited to do it again especially next weekend when my parents are here.

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keeshaobrien said...

I really love to read about/look at your WITL pics (can't wait to see your finished pages), well any pics/stories you post! It too was so much fun and (much needed) to "see" you all. I miss y'all so much and can't wait to Skype again-hopefully there will be no technical problems :) Love you so much(more)!