Friday, April 27, 2012

2012 Week in the Life-Thursday

I tried to start today as I have for the last few weeks.  I intended to go on an early morning walk, however, my walking partners were either "in a funk" (ie headache) or MIA.  Sooooooo instead I slept in.  No devotional or quiet time...which I missed.  Instead, I snoozed way to many times until Grant woke at 6.  I dragged him into bed, pulled up Elmo's World on my iPhone and Shawn and I snoozed for another hour off and on.
While Shawn showered I did one of my favorite activities...enjoy a hot, tasty cup of coffee while perusing Facebook, my email and anything else that catches my fancy.  Right now I am addicted to the game Hidden Chronicles on FB so I spent a bit of time there.

Pick me up, PLEASE!!!!
Shawn finished getting ready, our typical routine, downstairs so that I could jump in the shower.  After my shower, I quickly helped Evie get her coat on and fixed her hair. Then a quick photo before her and daddy headed to preschool.

While refilling one of his medications Shawn came across these beauties.  Adirondack chairs just right for the "babies."  They love them.  First they carried them everywhere and then anytime spent in the kitchen they were in them.  Ella was partial to the red and had quite the "argument" with Grant...which led to her crying and pointing at the chair.  Here is them later in the day:

Back to our morning....

The babies think that going upstairs or down is like winning the lottery.  Upstairs is the secret lair that they only visit while mom is getting ready in the morning or while mom is cleaning.  They love it!  Ella (first picture), the smartie that she is LOVES to get a chair and push it up to mom and daddy's bed and acts like a queen on her throne.  Love it!!!
At 10, two the of the kiddies favorite people arrives...Auntie Jessie and B.  She is to watch the kids while Shawn and I work, but it turns out Shawn is doing well enough that Auntie only needs to watch the "babies" while we go to Evie's Spring Concert.  So thankful for her help!!!

Evie was her adorable self at her concert.  The music was preschool adorable and Evie SANG and MOVED, which we didn't get at her Christmas Concert.  On that dat Evelyn REFUSED to participate and glared through the whole thing.  I told Evie that she could wear my special ring IF and only if she sang.  After the concert Evie finished her May Day baskets including WOWING her daddy and I by writing Ella's name without any encouragement from us.  Then I snapped a quick photo of Evie with her teachers, Ms. Cheryl (lead teacher on the right), Miss Janene and Miss Tracy (in pink).  They've been a huge blessing!

 .Evie and I arrived home just after Auntie had gotten lunch for the kids (doesn't it look delicious!)  Following lunch I had my interior decorator put up the vehicle decals up in the boys room.  She's very crafty and I  couldn't imagine doing it myself.  She's much more crafty then I.  While she did that I was happy to entertain my sweet niece B and take photos. 

Isn't she beyond gorgeous??  And she smiles SO big at Auntie, which of course just melts my heart!
A quick adjustment for B...she's such a good little patient!
Love having two sweet girls whose toesies can be painted like mine.  Looking forward to mommy-daughter pedicures and girls nights.

While the "babies" slept I worked on scrapbooking the first day of this project.  Evie  enjoyed watching Parent Trap (the Lindsay Lohan version), which she hadn't watched before.  We both enjoyed it.

The kids had a LONG nap which was great but they woke up CRABBY!!  I did my best to calm them, took Ella to get the mail and then gave up choosing to go upstairs and fold laundry.  They calmed just by being in their "happy place" and I was able to change our sheets and do some general pick up.  House care is he one area I've not been able to keep up, working full-time.  I definitely  sympathize with those that have full-time jobs and struggle with he household chores.

Daddy chasing the "babies" who respond by laying on the floor so he can blow on their bellies.  Loved this moment.

Favorite moments:  See above and watching Shawn do a VERY silly dance in public with other people around.  He looked hilarious and while I filmed it all I could say to Evie was that THIS is what love does, makes us do silly things without worrying about what others think.  I adored Shawn at that moment.

Aha:  Reading a book called "Shepherding Your Child's Heart" it talked about two children fighting over the toy.  Even though the circumstances for each child was different both were still sinning and telling the other person that their happiness was all that mattered.  This scenario is SO common in our house that hearing the author discuss the heart issue of selfishness was eye-opening.


Anonymous said...

wow what a great record of your day you have created :> julie from NZ

Cheryl M said...

Loved seeing your pictures. You have a beautiful family.