Thursday, April 26, 2012

2012 Week in the Life-Wednesday

Today was a strange day.  One of those days that just starts out crappy!!  Do you have those days??  Mine always start out the same way...with a migraine.  I woke to my alarm at 5:15 and with the realization that the day already sucked, went back to bed until 6:15.  Luckily I have some pretty amazing kids and their morning antics easily had me smiling.

I took my Imitrex at 6:24a and by the time I arrived at work I was migraine free.  Unfortunately, I was already in a funk.  I hate "funk" days. Before that, however, we had our "normal":
I'm not getting my way tantrum!

Why aren't you feeding me breakfast yet, tantrum!
Eggs for Shawn's FAVORITE and most typical breakfast: fried egg sandwich.

Shawn and I both admired this scene in our yard.  It's like someone had a wedding at our house.  It is beautiful as the crab trees shed their flowers.  I told Shawn that it is pretty now but I'm thinking that once it's apples everywhere...we will not be so happy.   I anticipate a love/hate relationship with it.

I left for work at my usual time: LATE!  (7:27a to be exact) I'm supposed to get there before the patients  not with them, today someone arrived even before staff...not my fault:)

Since I'm always late, I usually eat breakfast on the go, which for me is peanut butter on flat-bread...YUM!  I chase it with my delicious coffee. 
Every Wednesday from 10:30-11:30 we have a staff meeting.  We started with Bitte (not pictured) praying for the meeting, followed by good news (we all say something GREAT that has happened in the practice in the last week.)  This week good news included:  Chris got complimented on her office tour, we were complimented for being on time with patients, several patients who were getting great results, improved collections, and I received this message from a mother of one of my pediatric patients "Just thought I should let you know that Audrey woke up coughing and asked if we could go see Dr. Tawnda "so she can fix me" We also spent a better part of the day playing Dr. Tawnda; I get to lay on the floor while she gently rubs/pushes on my back and then I turn over and she holds my head in her hands and fixes my neck. She is always so sweet and gentle when she's you and after each time she "adjusts me she proceeds to clap wildly and yell "yay!" haha, you've made quite the impression on her!"     We also went over a new payment option for patients called Care Credit, which essentially a  credit card to be used for health needs (dentist, MD, DC, optometrist, etc).
Today was "Administrative Professional Day" so these arrived for our staff, because we appreciate them, A LOT!  I even took the time to research the "perfect" flowers but unfortunately all of them were out of season:)

Remember the funk I said I was in??  Well, I needed a few extra ones of these today.  An added benefit to working with your spouse.  I also needed consoling for gaining 2lbs this week.  I went to my WeightWatchers meeting at 12:15.  I consoled myself with 2 slices of leftover pizza.  Too tired to go get anything else.  I still managed to only use 2 of my weekly points because I had veggies and fruit for supper.

When we are not seeing patients then we are working on charts, charts and more charts. Or filling out insurance forms or the like.
Inside my "briefcase."  It is HEAVY...mostly because I am lugging my computer back and forth to do these posts.
 Remember how I had veggies and fruit for supper?  Shawn tortured me with this, from one of his favorite restaurants who serve dry BBQ, Token....just mean!
Hamming for the camera.

Evie "cleaned" her room today per my request.  See all the horded baby supplies???  This is her attempt to not let her siblings play with them.  Keep them under lock and key!

This is the typical fight at our house.  One of the "babies" has Evie's toys (because she left it out where they can get it).  Tonight's toy is a beaded necklace Evie made.   To try to get it from Henry she gives him first a computer in trade and when that doesn't work another necklace.  As you can see Henry is having nothing to do with the trade.  We step in to give it back to Henry and a full freak out ensues.  Eventually we get it from Henry and ask Evie to put it away for awhile.  Peace reigns (after bribing Henry with a fry.)

Playing with Toby.

I braved a solo walk with the kids to the gas station close by that serves delicious ice cream.  Shawn stayed home because he was still a little sore.  Despite what my mom/sister thought I'd look like with the "babies" in their backpack leashes...I was not dragged along by them.  They more or less all wanted to go their own way, their own pace and their own direction.  We made it there and enjoyed ice cream but Ella and Grant both received their first scraped knees and the leashes were pretty much in a knot by the time we arrived home.

Shawn joined us for a little bit of time in our backyard.  This is our "garden" which right now looks like an overgrown weed collection, but is filled with blessings.  We have rhubarb, lilacs, asparagus (which is what Shawn is taking the machete to), raspberries, and strawberries.  Aren't we lucky???

Shawn's harvest!!  YUM!!

A daily chore...loading the dishwasher.

Delicious popcorn.  It is nearly made every night for snack.  We found a microwave popper bowl at Target last's Shawn's new favorite item.  Outside is new Mac laptop.
Reading to Evie before bed.  I bought a series at the homeschooling conference I went to  2 weeks ago.  A wonderful story of a little girl, Andi, growing up on a ranch in the 1820's.  It came with a miniature horse, which Evie has to hang on to while we read.

Fun facts:
Yesterdays temp was approximately 73 degrees.  According to weather underground it reached 84 degrees today.  Tomorrow (Thursday) the high will be in the 50's.  The weather has been up and down as of late.  Sweaters one day and shorts the next.

Going on in M:
Major road construction prep for Madison is beginning.  UGH!
Level 3 sex offender is no longer moving to the area..YEAH!

Reached a record high in collections, highest since I became a licensed DC almost 8 years ago!!

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