Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mother's Day

I was MISERABLY sick on Mother's Day soooo I made Shawn re-do the day this Sunday. It was a pretty typical day...church...Noodles & Co...SHOPPING. Shawn did marvelous...not too many complaints. But the best part...spending the day with Shawn and Evie. And what's Mother's Day without some mother and daughter photos.

It's funny how you can focus so much on something that you become blind to everything around you. I can honestly say that Shawn and I have been somewhat lax in taking care of each other and our relationship. It becomes even more evident when you look back through over 8 months of photos and there is only 1 or 2 of you and your spouse together. That's what our photos look like. Our album is very Evie-centric. Not that that is bad BUT it's like Mr. & Mrs. A disappeared. We are working on remedying that...starting with this photo.

It was too hard for Shawn to be serious for too long. Then he got silly. I love him. I couldn't ask for a sweeter husband.

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Shawn said...

For everyone's information, Tawnda was not supposed to share that last photo of me. The point of a digital camera is to immediately delete stuff like that. All I can say to her is Beware. highlyembarassingpicturesoftawnda.com is coming soon.