Friday, May 30, 2008

Way to fast

Sometimes it seems like Evie ages a month at a time instead of a day at time. Shawn and I have been reminiscing, watching videos from when she was a newborn and I am amazed at all the changes. Honestly, a part of me misses those little newborn moments. The way the she cried (ok--I don't miss the way she cried all the time), the little "o" face she made, the sweet newborn movements, the hiccups and sneezes, and how tiny that little body was. It's amazing that the little baby that I held on that first day is this silly, happy, crawling, moving, and shaking 9 month old. Today she pulled herself up for the first time. Soon she will be walking. My heart cries..."wait slow down"!!! It's all going too fast for me. Then there was the gentleman today that talked about us having "the next one" soon. Hold the train...did he say the next one. I am WAY to busy loving Evie to even think about the next one. Who has time for that when we're so busy chasing Evie around keeping her out of trouble. Here are some of the fun we've been having:

Nothing is better then a little bit of Evie's kisses. Makes mama's day! And night! Pretty much anytime of the day is better with a little bit of sweetness.

Loving up Grandpa!

Playing with Grandma!

Evie loves playing with the ball...and trying to eat it too!

Evie spent quite a bit of time "talking" to Auntie Candii. She had A LOT to say. She loves talking to her auntie.

Being a mom is the most awesome thing in the world. Being Evelyn's mom is priceless.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tawnda,

Wow she pulled herself up for the first time! She is growing up way to fast.

Evie is our precious little Grand daughter. We love her so very much.

Enjoy and cherish every moment with Evie Cherish them in your heart forever.

I love you guys and miss you all very much.


PS I cried when I was reading and looking at your pictures.

Anonymous said...

Tawnda--Well obviously I found the e-mail that linked me to here! It was nice reading your blog! I miss you and Shawn and my sweet niece who is growing up way too fast! I am going to try to bookmark this, we'll see I am not very computer literate. I love you guys!


P.S. Shawn I don't know why I cannot remember your birthday, but Happy (Way too belated!) Birthday! Your card is in the mail!! Your very forgetful sister-in-law Keesha