Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Xander and birthday wishes

I have been a little sappy and sad today and yesterday. It's all Keesha's fault. We received in the mail yesterday the invitation to Xander's first birthday party. My heart is broken because we are unable to go and I sobbed reading the invite. Keesha has asked that we write a letter to Xander to be opened on his 18th birthday. Well, needless to say I cried writing it AND reading it.

Xander--words cannot express how much my heart aches that we will not be at your first birthday celebration. I miss you so much and I hate that you are so far away. To far away to hug or kiss. To far away to laugh and smile with you. To far away to play with you. To far away to watch grow. To far away for Evie to play with you. To far away to hold and love. I miss you little man.

Well I've done it again...I'm crying.

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Anonymous said...

All I can say is ditto for me...except w/out as much crying. Shawn