Wednesday, May 21, 2008

We made it

We survived! Here's how the night went:

9:30p--Tawnda cries
10:00p--Start putting Evie to bed in rocker
11:00p--Put Evie in her crib, turn on lullaby CD, turn on monitor w/ nightlite, sneak out
11:05p--Tawnda cries AGAIN, no sound from Evie
11:06-1:45a--Shawn & Tawnda toss and turn
12:05--Shawn gets up to check on Evie, Tawnda says no (I didn't want him to wake her up)
1:45a--Evie cries to be fed, Tawnda gets up and nurses her
2:00a--Evie back in the crib
2:01-2:11a--Evie fusses and Tawnda waits to jump out of bed to rescue her
2:12a--Evie falls silent
2:15-2:49a--Tawnda up coughing (blasted cold!)
3:45a--Evie up again, Tawnda feeds her again
4:00a--Evie in crib again, silent as a mouse
4:05a--Everyone sleeping peacefully
6:30a--Shawn up for work, Evie doesn't stir a bit--even when Shawn looks in on her
8:20a--Tawnda and Evie up.

It was a stressful night, primarily for Shawn and I. We survived and I think we all will benefit from the change. I still miss her. Her co-sleeper is still attached to the bed and I have to stare at it empty at night. It makes me tear up just thinking about it. Evelyn seems unaffected by the change. Same old smiley, curious self. What a doll! Time for bath, her favorite.

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