Sunday, June 15, 2008

Big changes

I was going through my Creating Keepsakes magazines last night and came across a page which had pictures of a child as a newborn and then again at 6 months. In the spirit of that I'm posting two pictures of Evelyn. The first is of her on her third day of life and the second taken yesterday. Isn't it amazing the changes?

We take our role of parenting very seriously. At church we were given this priority of parenting: "A parents priority is to gradually transfer a child's dependence away from the parents until their dependence rests solely on God." Wow--what an awesome responsability. Something that we are striving for at every opportunity.

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Anonymous said...

That is amazing. Will be fun and bittersweet to see the newborn and graduation, wedding, sweet sixteen...


PS There aren't nearly enough comments on Tawnda's blog. Get typing people!!