Monday, June 9, 2008


Ahh, rest, relaxation and family. No better combination then that! I call this the poor-man's vacation. Staying with my parents and buying groceries instead of eating out. We're loving it. Evie is loving it. My family and for a little bit, Shawn's family, is enjoying it.

We took a VERY COLD trip to Duluth and enjoyed the North Shore and Split Rock Lighthouse. It was neat to see. Shawn loooves nature so he particularly had a great time. Evie could've been anywhere as much as she noticed. Mostly we have been visiting family and relaxing.

Evie is getting her 6th tooth. I would say it is the most stubborn and the most painful. She has pain with eating and it has been causing ear pain. Poor little thing. These teeth also keep me up at night because she wakes more frequently. It was really hard to get up this morning:o) Despite the pain Evie has been a darling. Hardly any fussing and so talkative and interactive. I am such a proud mama.

Loving the rest. Hate to go back to reality. Will enjoy it while it lasts.

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