Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!!

Happy Father's Day, Shawn! You're an amazing father and I am so blessed to have you on this beautiful journey. I look forward to raising Evelyn with you and the other children God will bless with. I could never, never, NEVER do this without your strength and wisdom.

I don't know how many people realize how Shawn has grown into the role of father. A few years ago he was too nervous to even hold a little baby let alone change their poopy diaper or hold them as they cried. He has come into this a novice and has grown to be adept at caring for children. We have a lot to learn and there will be mistakes but I am forever blessed to have him by my side.

I have to also thank 2 VERY special men in our lives. The first is my father, Jeff. Dad, you are an amazing example of God's fatherly love. Thank you for the sacrifices you have made so that you could provide for us. Thank you for always encouraging me to be what I want to be. Thank you for always cheering me on and always believing that we were and are amazing. Thank you for never once making me feel like you regretted three girls. Thank you for helping us to believe in ourselves. Thank you for being the kind of parent that cared where we were, who we were with, and what we were doing. Thank you for the well deserved discipline. Thank you for trying your hardest to be the best dad. You were, are and will always be my hero. I love you!

Verlynn, thank you for raising such a fine man. Thank you for teaching him how to be a gentleman. For teaching him right from wrong. Thank you for being a man he could look up to. And being his friend. Thank you for welcoming me to your family. For believing in our dreams when we needed you to. For encouraging us. You are an awesome father who has sacrificed much and never complained. Your strength is unmeasurable. We love you!

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