Friday, June 20, 2008

Little Quack

Everyone needs a lovey. And for Evelyn that's Little Quack. He is named after a character in a book Auntie Jessie and Uncie Goober got Evelyn for Christmas. I decided that since he is so soft, squishy and cuddly that he should be Evie's lovey. At first I put him in the swing with her during naptime. Now he is there for bedtime and naps. I hadn't realized how attached she had become until after her bath on Tuesday. For some reason I decided to put her to bed with him and that's when the cuddling started. She couldn't get enough. I even brought her to her 9 month pictures and she wouldn't give him up. Which was COMPLETELY adorable. Her are a few of the pictures I snapped of Evie with her lovey.


Anonymous said...

Quite possibly the cutest pictures yet! What a sweet girl! And so loving.

We can't wait to see you tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

I've turned into such a pathetic crier. She looks so grown up in those pictures.


xander's mama said...

I am glad that Evie has her lovey, though if you don't already, I reccommend having at least one back-up! That way when her "Little Quack" decides to go swimming in the toilet, you have a dry one! It has been helpful for us to have two Ghali's!

Love ya,