Thursday, August 7, 2008

Moves and naps

Even though Evie continues to need a few middle of the night cuddles and nursings, she is an excellent napper. Typically she takes her first nap at 11am and will sleep 1-2 hours. Then she goes down around 4-5pm for one-half to 2 hours. On average, it lasts one hour. It would be nice for this trend to continue until she was a kindergartener but good things rarely last. I am content to enjoy them while they last. In the meantime, she wakes (most of the time) in a very happy, chipper, and ready to play mood. Can't get enough of those sunshine smiles.

I've given her a new nickname: George. It's short for Curious George. No matter where you are or what you are doing she has to investigate. She is always getting into trouble but in the end you can't get mad at a cute little monkey.

My sister and family are moving closer. Don't get too excited. It's only one hour closer. Instead of a 19 hour drive it will now be an 18 hour drive. Wh00-hoo!! Chris got an excellent job (yeah and congrats) in Texas. Everyone keeps asking where, for who and what he will be doing. To tell you the truth I've been more interested in when, and where they will live. They will be buying their first house (exciting) but moving away from all of their good friends (tear). I am a tad disappointed and majorly sad that they aren't moving to Minnesota but I am getting used to them being so far away (used to but not liking). Our goal as a family is to be able to fly there at least 3-4 times a year. Not to tour Texas mind you. My memories of my stay there while a bit hazy do include a memory that it was hotter then h***. And I mean it. I am sure Satan would be very comfortable there. It will be interesting to see if they develop the Texas way of talking. According to Bill Engvall, my favorite comic, they say things like "I'll tell you what..." And the rest of us are like "What." Their answer: "I just told you."

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Anonymous said...

Tell Keesha and Chris to be careful. They take state pride very seriously in the "Great State of Texas" - I make 3-4 trips there a year and already know that ;-)

Congrats to them!

And hi to all my favorite Andrews!