Monday, August 4, 2008


As I was putting Evelyn down for her naps today I kept thinking about how short a period in her life this is. In less then one month my baby will no longer be my baby. She will enter another period in her life, that of a toddler. As I held my precious sleeping girl I marveled at the sweet moment that God has given me. To hold her and cuddle her. To smell her sweet scent. To kiss her tiny head and soft skin. She is so delicate and precious. It was hard not to squeeze her tight and cry. It is impossible to fully describe the feelings that overcame me today. Those of you that are mothers know how I feel. Can the love for your child ever be accurately described, written down, sung, or photographed? It seems that despite the thousands of photos and journaling I have yet to feel that I've completely recorded my love for Evelyn. Evelyn, you will never understand the depths of love that I have for you. Only when you hold your own precious child will you ever comprehend what I have been feeling for the last 11 months. I love you! Mom

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