Monday, August 25, 2008


it happened! she took her first teetering, unbalanced and lunging steps on tuesday. we get great joy out of watching her but not as much joy as she does herself. every time we set her out to have her walk towards us she giggles and smiles. when do we ever take such pleasure in the simple things in life? when was the last time you delighted in walking a few steps? in the feel of a cats fur against your hand? the fun of splashing in water? the thrill of discovering something for the first time? if there is anything we can learn from an almost one year old it's that life is something to be celebrated, cherished and enjoyed. and don't take life so seriously. laugh a little. especially at your daddy who's being silly. or at nothing in particular. just laugh. just love. just learn.

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Anonymous said...

Hooray, Evie! Can't wait to see you walking!

love, sara & mike