Thursday, August 14, 2008


Well, in order to download photos to I had to give in and load pictures to our work computer. So now I can put a few more pictures on our blog.

This is the nativity which is housed inside the church at the Grotto. It is all made from stone, shells, etc including a 300 pound Brazilian amethyst. It was awesome.

Here is the Crucifixion. It was all done so beautifully. I think if you click on either picture you can see the rocks better.

Giving Evie kisses.

Our VERY adorable family.

And last but not least...this is a picture of Evelyn I took a few days ago. I was trying to get pictures for her birthday invitation but she kept giving me these shy giggles and looking down. Every picture of her is her looking down...but this one tugs at my heart. It really captured the her delightful spirit. You can see her little smile if you look close. And she is wearing a sweater which not too long ago was huge on her. Now you see that it doesn't even cover her arms all the way. I love her.

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