Saturday, July 2, 2011

This is your...

These are pages I completed for each of the kids after falling in love with this page from another scrapbooker. When I saw it I KNEW I had to duplicate it for my kiddos. The journaling is the same for each kid and are "random" fun facts about their grandparents. Stuff I probably wouldn't include in another page but things I believe they should know about some of their favorite people. You can read these facts by clicking on the page which will enlarge it.

Amma Lyn:

Amma Peggy:

Ampa Verlynn:

Ampa Jeff:


Jessalyn said...

These turned out very cute! Great idea!


keeshaobrien said...

Love them! Great job and I know the kiddos will cherish them as will the "Amma's and Ampa's"!