Thursday, July 7, 2011

Our Evie

Our Evie is getting old, too old. I mean really time could you slow down just a wee bit?? Sometimes she's difficult to understand but lately even that is getting better and the things she says? Whew! It's like she's turning 30 instead of 4 in less then 2 months. This week she's hanging out with amma and ampa V...for a full 7 days without mama!!!!!!!! She's thriving, I'm struggling! She's been to circus camp, stayed a few days with amma and ampa A and I'm so proud of the big girl she is getting to be yet missing my baby. Where does time go?? I keep looking at the babies wondering how I'm going to feel when they are Evie's age..they are almost a year old ALREADY!

I got a better deal making Evie's birthday invite with the babies so we had a "little" photo shoot. Some with her typical cheesy smile and then a few I fell in love with. Some of my favorites didn't make her invite so I'll post them here for you to enjoy.

And my favorite...

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keeshaobrien said...

Can't wait to see this sweet girl! Love this girl and the pics and you should expect to see a page one of these day :)