Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Week in the Life-Saturday

5 a.m: Up and reading my dream, a John Maxwell devotional, and getting ready for my walk. I am early enough to meet Rachel at her door this morning.

6:20 a.m: Boys are up and cuddling with ampa on the couch. I take over the cuddles and upload photos to my blog.

6: 30 a.m: Henry practicing his mad walking skills. He loves to walk holding onto someone's hands.

6:45 a.m: Cuddles with amma. This is probably what they did most of the day while Shawn and I were gone.

6:45 a.m: Shawn making coffee for the road. He likes it with a little half-n-half and a tsp of sugar.

7:30 a.m: Ampa and amma feed the kids while I finish up last minute items and head to M. for the day.

7:30 a.m: Shawn has set up his booth at the Farmer's Market in M. When I arrive at 8:45a he is doing great!

8:05 a.m: I arrive at my Weight Watchers meeting and weigh-in. I am down 2.3 lbs, which is great since I gained 5lbs on vacation.

8:10 a.m: Attend my meeting which focuses on activities we can enjoy WITHOUT food.

8:30 a.m: I get a bravo sticker for not going overboard on food at our party last weekend. I think maybe I got one to because I started out by saying, "My triplets turned one...." I guess that fact deserves a bravo sticker in and of itself. Woop, I survived their first year;)

8:52 a.m: As I am entering Target to buy lunch I receive the counter offer call from our realtor. The sellers offer ($1900 off asking price) is a bit insulting. I am furious! So is Shawn!

9 a.m: Trying on new sunglasses. These were the winners. I needed new ones since mine broke and then to top it all off disappeared.

9:14 a.m: We make our best and final offer on the house. We wait all day for a reply but the sellers have no response. I think they just like to mess with people and make them wait. Our counter was ONLY $3000 below theirs and with the same contingencies.

9:30 a.m: Arrive at the AFC office to start imputing insurance EOB's {so we can bill patient's their portion of the cost of their care} and finish yesterday's post.

11:05 a.m: Take over for Shawn so he can have a quick lunch break courtesy of McDonalds.

12:30-4 p.m: Work on imputing. It is very boring, and I have to take frequent breaks or risk nodding off. I play a few Facebook games but overall finish half the month.

I couldn't stream my normal Christian radio station so I explored Pandora. I was an excellent way to enjoy my favorite music.

4:30 p.m: Not a bad drive home. Wearing my new shades, enjoying a blow pop {which I bought to reduce snacking...FUN!}

4:45 p.m: Pick up the mail which includes: information about renewal of the babies health insurance, a bill for van repairs, samples of toddler formula from Enfomil {tossed}, and "homework" for my next rheumatoid arthritis appointment.

5:30 p.m: Shawn makes us DELICIOUS mushroom and cheese omelets for dinner. He is a great egg cook {and a good cook in general}.

6 p.m: The flash doesn't capture the picture well but there is sunlight streaming through our front door and Grant was trying to "catch" adorable.

6:25 p.m: Shawn playing on the floor with the kids. Not an easy place for me to get up and down from with my arthritis so I enjoy the show from the couch. The kids later all want to be held by me...see below.

6:50 p.m: Shawn, Evie and I all enjoy a chocolate Popsicle.

7:15 p.m: Kids are clambering for my attention, and as usual ALL at the same time.

7:20 p.m: Evie being silly, imagine that! There is a better picture showing the toy on her head but I liked this shot of her better and well it's my blog so there!

7:30 p.m: Baby baths and bedtime routine.
7:45 p.m: Evie to bed early for disrespectful behavior {"I don't want to!" combined with constant whining and fake crying.}

5:30-11 p.m: Wonder and agonize over why no response from the sellers...jerks! How can they torture us like this?? At least that's how we feel. Reality is more likely to be less vindictive on their part.

8:30 p.m: Shawn goes for a 3 mile run. I watch Covert Affairs and try to find something to satisfy my ice cream craving. Nothing works but I manage to eat too much.

9:30 p.m: Get ready for bed: take out contacts, brush and floss teeth, wash face, apply toner and lotion.

10 p.m: I try to watch a little television and read my John Maxwell book but am too tired I give up and nod off. Shawn showered at 11 p.m. and bed right after this. It's a rare thing for me to be asleep before him.

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Dawn said...

Great shades! I also love your quote at the top of your blog.