Friday, July 29, 2011

A Week in the Life-Thursday

5:30 a.m: Overslept...met Rachel on my road for walk.

5:45 a.m: Good Morning, Grant!

6:30a.m: Shawn goes for a 30 minute run {3miles I think} wearing these sock...yes, he looked ridiculous. Shawn, however, gets really bad blisters and decided to try out these socks. They helped so if you see a guy wearing silly socks out running...that's my hubby.

7 a.m: Good Morning, Henry!

7:30 a.m: Sweet morning hugs from Evelyn!

9 a.m: Waiting at M. Clinic for Dr. S. 12 month check-ups for the "babies." Kiddos were needing a nap so were a little whiny and impatient. Weights and other stats to follow in the kid's individual posts.

9:10 a.m: Ready for her check-up. All the kids were pronounced healthy and developmentally appropriate for their age. Big steps for babies born 5 weeks early!!!

10 a.m: Getting lead levels and hemoglobin checked. Ella cried the most and hardest, the boys {usually the drama kings} only slightly fussed.

10:30 a.m: This is what our van now looks with all of the carseats. New AMA recommendations are that toddlers are rear facing until age 2. Two of them are not heavy enough to be turned around anyhow {current law is that they must be 1 year AND 20 lbs} but we will follow the new recommendations and keep them like this til age 2. Research shows a 75% decrease in neck injuries/death!!!!!! Food for thought!

10:45 a.m: Evie enjoying Go Fish in the car: "I praise the Lord with my hands {clap, clap}, I praise the Lord with my feet {stomp, stomp}"

10:30 a.m: Driving home and on a conference call with our management company, Success call #6.

11:20 a.m: Grant is very crabby! Most likely because of a sore finger {blood work} and thigh {Prevnar vaccine}. Poor baby!! He was the crabbiest of all 3.

Grant-man's poor little pricked finger.

Henry sporting a cool band-aid from his vaccine.

11:50 a.m: Henry being adorable and playing in my lap.

Noon: Evie slammed her foot in the bathroom door. It looks worse in reality then I could capture on "film" and she was limping the rest of the day. The "owie" is also in the spot where her dress-up shoes sit and she was pretty upset and angry when she tried to put them on and it hurt. Poor thing!

12:30 p.m: Playing w/ a diaper box, which we have a lot of as we go through 2 boxes per week on average. That is 164 diapers. Total cost: $25.94. We buy generic at Wal-Mart, thank goodness. It saves us approximately $14.04 a week over brand-name, that's $730 a year-WOW!

12:35 p.m: Time-out for trying yelling or being selfish. One of many yesterday and she ended up with an early bedtime because of her behavior.

12:30 p.m: Shawn picks up treats for a BAW at Cub-breakfast rolls.

12:45 p.m: Shawn drops of treats at R. College for 50 people and includes gift certificates for care for all of the employees.

1 p.m: Part of Shawn's lunch for the day...popcorn!

1:30 p.m: Trying to do some work on the internet, including writing emails to our coach and daddy but having difficulty as Grant wanted to "help."

Shawn runs to the bank for change for the office.

2:30 p.m: Babies go down for nap. Read Evie the Bear's book "The Golden Rule" and discuss treating others with respect. She's very crabby so I "make" her take a nap but she thwarts my efforts with excuses and crying.

3:30 p.m: Crabby babies up {not that they are great nappers but naps seem even shorter}. This is/was the current state of our living room. Clean-up, organization and cleaning floors ensue. The floors are also cleaned as they are sandy and sticky from the weekends guests, party and the babies. Organize the toys as such: 3 bins for rotation of toys, infant toys for storage {mama sad}, Evie's toys in her room {to be cleaned and organized tomorrow}, one bag for Jessie who will be a mama in October {yipee} and one bag to give to "goodwill." Seeing the floors again is rather nice!

6:00 p.m: Kids love Toby! Grant especially had fun "wrestling" with him yesterday.

7 p.m: Writing down 1st birthday gifts in the kid's journals. Also being played on and around by the kids. Ella especially was silly as she kept throwing herself in my lap. I LOVED every minute!

8 p.m: Early bedtime for miss attitude. We switch reading and saying prayers with her. Tonight was daddy's turn, he is reading her a story that was a favorite of his when he was a kid.

Overheard: "It's pudding, nummy!!" I was asking Evie what her favorite food was {she used to answer "pizza" but when she saw me eating leftovers she said "I hate pizza!"} and going through all the foods she likes..."do you want _ or _?" She kept repeating pudding. So she asked why I was doing the quizzing and I told her and she had an epiphany about what her favorite food was.

With a little coaching calls Grant "Gant" instead of "Nant" or "GrrrNant." It's a start!


Anonymous said...

For once in his life Toby looks big next Grant.


Julia said...

Jumped from Ali Edwards page to your "Week In The Life 2011"-page and enjoying your porject WiL. YOur kids are gorgeous! And if I ever see a runner in such socks I will know why he is wearing them!