Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Week in the Life-Monday

I've joined the Week in the Life bandwagon this week along with our fearless "leader" and instigator, Ali Edwards. This week I will be sharing bits and pieces of our "typical" day. The whole project will be competed (ie scrapbooked) next week (keep your fingers crossed, mine are-but the whole 4 kids under 3 can always throw a snag in my plans). As I've noted in the past, I love seeing our life in pictures. Now when my kids want to know things about what their lives were like, what we did all day etc. I will have a digital time capsule. We focus day to day on the "big" things like birthdays, first smiles and the like but never on the "mundane." But I want to remember these things too.

6:45: Morning snuggles with Ella.

7 a.m.: Grant woke up at about 5:45 a.m. and an hour later the other two join us for some morning cuddles and "chilling." At this time the babies are given morning sippy's with goat's milk and have a little snack.

Evie is being silly.

7:15 a.m: Getting lunch ready for work. On Mondays, he leaves at 7:15a so he can be at work 15 min before the first patient arrives at 8a. It's approximately a half hour drive depending on the traffic and if you hit ALL the red lights.

7:45: Kids clamoring for attention and are not full from snack-breakfast is served! Slim pickings for all meals as we are all out of snacks and most meals.

8ish: Kids entertain themselves by pulling the paper recycling out of it's bins. Good times, good times!

9 a.m: Shawn and I are individually going through resumes to find a candidate for the second phase of hiring (phone interviews) and then coming together to discuss them. We are hoping to have one-on-one interviews by Friday to replace Nan our chiropractic assistant who was "head-hunted" by a patient to work at her law firm. Shawn is also working on charts.

12 p.m: Start the process of "organizing" the kids toys. The recent 1st birthday of the triplets has left us with new, fun space consuming toys. Plans are to weed out the "baby" toys-mama is sad to put away the rattles that the kids show no interest in. Send off a text to both sisters and a friend who are expecting babies. I'm a little happier knowing that my future niece, Brooklyn and niece/nephew (still unknown) will be able to enjoy the toys as the babies have.

1 p.m: Evie enjoying the "Go Fish" music from her CD. Here she is doing the motions to "This Little Light of Mine." Let it shine, Evie!! I work on the evenings shopping list:
baby meals
other baby finger snacks
fruit cups
soy yogurt
Whole Goat's Milk
hotdogs (compare beef vs turkey)
Healthy Choice frozen meals
paper towel holder
heel bandages
2 p.m: Get ready to go to work. Shawn will be doing a screening at Anytime Fitness and I will be seeing patients in his absence. My second time in the office since I stopped practicing mid-pregnancy.
2:30: The drive to work. Don't worry about my safety. The drivers in front of me were going 45mph. Ugh!

3 p.m: I receive an adjustment for pain I am having in my lower back. Shawn and I go through the patients I will be seeing. First up, my first new patient in a long time. The patient is fun, a 11 year old male who is triplet "A" of bgg. What a great intro into seeing new patients.

4 p.m: See 9 patients including 3 children: FUN!! Shawn is bored at his screening as there are few people frequenting the fitness center due to the nice weather.
5:30: In Walmart shopping. My least favorite store but a definite one-stop-shop. Shop for mostly baby food and a few "grown up" items. A spur of the moment purchase is the gorgeous flowers. Also buy Evie some "cheerios" her favorite cereal.

7:30: Babies ready for bed and down for the night. Evie is "hungry" so spend the next hour feeding her and me after putting groceries away. Shawn is busy finishing new patient charts from 2 weeks ago before we went on vacation.

8:30 pm: Bedtime routine with Evie.

9:15 pm. Shawn joins the other men from Hillside Church for game #1 of the championship games. The team wins and he even manages a hit! GO SHAWN!!



10 p.m: Do the dreaded dishes, my least favorite chore. But fun after picture.

10:30: Shawn home, doing his favorite activity "being on the phone." I hate his phone!

11 p.m: Look at a couple houses and then lights out.

Overheard today: "I said good morning to Ella and Ella say good morning to me...that was nice, huh?" Evie

Pointing at a camper picture in the paper, "We went camping...do you remember dat?" Yes, Evie it WAS just last week after all.

Favorite moment: Besides many with the kids, hearing from our realtor that the Grove St. houses outlets were grounded. It's back on the "list!!"


keeshaobrien said...

Nice look at a "day in your life". Busy day, and mine seems rather dull in comparison! I definitely like looking back on my P52 pages and reliving our weeks. Miss you! :)

Paula-Scrap Addict said...

I've been looking at a bunch of these today thinking... doesn't anybody work at all?! except me? but finally you, you went to see a patient and made me feel normalish again :-) I start my pics & story tomorrow

sjv said...

LOVE this! You are a super mom, my dear.

Missing you all and hope to see you soon. But really glad we missed the triplet bday party as the stomach flu blew up in our house over the weekend. Glad we did not share!

Love, sara

Jessalyn said...

Awesome! :) I love this! Where did the babies go when you went to work? Rachels?

Love you!